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Light, Addressing Then Blessing...Undressing

Living meditatively
Isn't about turning a blind eye
Our backs
To the problems of the world
For such looking ahead
Not looking back nor where we're at
Is being lackadaisical
A surrender that merely upholds lack
As does it's other half
Defense and attack
And it's not spiritual to create such divides
Yet it's precisely
That we've turned a blind eye
To Truth
To Love
To Us
In favor of separation that creates fear and hate
Which is why
There's any and all the problems
In the first place
Whether personally or globally
Individually or collectively
We've not un-become anyone
As much as we've forgotten we're One
With levelness
So there's the highs and lows in life
That come and go
There's us on teeter totters
Walking fines lines
In the spirit of expression
Of living our lives
Of learning certain lessons
Is fine
Yet to feel fullness for real
More than ok
Finer than fine
That doesn't wait on people or things
To live in a fashion Great
With zest instead of zeal
Is to open our Inner Eye
To awake
Unto not only God being with us
But to come from the State of Mind
That the Truth of God, Is Us
The subtlety being
That we're not here to be freed from, freeing
Nor to be fleeing, from what was, is or what's to come
But Are Free
Forever Love
The Heart Space
When and Where
Nary an ounce nor iota of danger can take place
This is The Way
Soon to be our Way
As we believe no more in guilt or grievances that loom
Making room
For What Already Is
Life undivided
Transcending strife
With Light, addressing then blessing
Gloom and doom

Copyright (c) Michael Mayer 2007