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Letting your light shine

Every day is a new day to let the light
shine, for me to say Thank God i'm yours
and God usually replys Thank God your mine
Oh how Devine...

Dear Daisy, I love your

Dear Daisy, I love your postings, I love the simple, innocent, neverending love :wub:
for God, which you do express so beautifully!
Many many thanks. :Rolleyes:
All my love

Happiness isn't happiness

Happiness isn't happiness without a violin playing goat...

Thanks Berit for your lovely comment

This is where God wants me to be
away from the maddening crowd
stresses and the strains,he leads
me gently by the hand to a brand
new land...

Where the air is pure
the light shines,
the rain dances among the
flowers, plants of all kinds
to lift the weary mind
we find God's peace