Let Your Heart Spring Back Quickly

God said:

No longer do your feelings get hurt, for now you know that the heart of God beats within you. When hurt feelings assail you, before the next heartbeat, hurt feelings will be gone. Do not accumulate hurt feelings. Within your heart beats Mine. Between one heartbeat and the next, your heart (My heart) springs back and knows not hurt.

Can you imagine that I can possibly carry hurt feelings? Can you imagine that I am sensitive to any affront? Do you imagine that the thought of a tiny mosquito bite of an offense could penetrate and disturb My day?

No longer are you sensitive to the degree you have been. No longer do you take any offense to heart. No longer will you even recognize offense. You are strong-hearted. You are not brave-hearted, because what is there to be brave about? Do not build anything up to amount to an offense.

A word, an act, an omission no longer set your heart askew. You are even-hearted. The metronome of the Universe beats within your heart. No longer are you so small-hearted that you take offense for anything so small as an offense. How can a chance word or a friend’s shortsightedness penetrate your heart and cause it to flail? Why allow anything to spoil your day, especially now when you know your heart is Mine as well?

If you and I were separate — if We were — the big difference between you and Me would be that you take offense, and I take none. You allow the silliest thing to put your perceived heart into a tailspin. A chance word, and your heart is deflated. Enough of that now. Enough!

Do not defend your over-sensitivity even one more time. Not even once. It matters not who said what or didn’t say what. You are one who can walk through brambles and not feel assaulted. What do thorns have to do with you? Do you lecture a thorn even in your mind?

You are special to Me, and the one who may have offended you is special to Me. Perhaps a silly mistake was made. The other person put his heart before yours. He may not even have thought of yours. He thought only of himself. The silliest mistake of all is for you to let a little bee of another’s thoughtlessness sting you. The other did not think, and you, My beloved, you think too much.

No one is to be rude to you. It is their rudeness, not yours. Don’t be consumed with it. Don’t be rude to yourself. Don’t plague yourself any longer with hurt feelings. If the bee of rudeness stings you, pull it out. It was never meant for you.

You are not the princess and the pea. You are giant-hearted. Our heart is so big that it does not take offense. It does not recoil. Get over the idea that any heart is supposed to protect itself. There is nothing for hearts to protect themselves from.

Do you imagine for even one moment that I would be so sensitive that I would go around protecting My heart? Do you imagine that I would pay attention to slights and add them up? Like you, I am not always seen. Like you, I am not always viewed with appreciation. Do you imagine for one moment that I see two sides of the table, Me on one side and someone else on the other? I would not set Myself opposite anyone. I kindly ask you to do the same.

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1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello friends,

God said one heartbeat
Now you know your heart is Mine
My Beloved One

Love, Light and Aloha!

Oh wow what a wonderful

Oh wow what a wonderful Heavenletter !!

Why allow anything to spoil your day, especially now when you know your heart is Mine as well?

Love to all