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"Just for You" HL Project....starting in Sedona, Az

In early February of this year the "Just for You" project was launched in Sedona, Az, USA. The idea for this project has been evolving for sometime before birthing into the to speak. There are three stages to this project: One....Build a digital collection of favorite Heavenletter quotes...small quotes...typically 1-2-3 sentences.
Two...create mini decorative scrolls...from the quotes....with cute nature stickers and string to hold the scrolls in place...then place them in tiny jewelry plastic protect them from moisture. Three....pass them out or hide be found later by an unsuspecting seeker. I am considering using the Geocache internarional treasure hunting game as a possible place to hide some of them....or a Geocache-like system....Anyway...considering that Heavenletters....for me is one of the most valuable mystical spiritual resources of all time....why not treat the sharing of them in a beautiful, loving and very unique manner?....Next time I will explain geocaching....and if you want just google it...or Utube it for some great explanations...Love Jim(i)

ps...the title "just for you"....comes from a little piece of paper inserted into the plastic bag with the scrolled HL quote. The paper has the words...."just for you" in a colorful font.

So wonderful, Jim!

So wonderful, Jim! Absolutely fascinating!

Love and blessings, Clemens

Dear Jim, cannot thank you

Dear Jim, cannot thank you enough for all that you are doing and giving to Heavenletters. A thousand blessings! Grateful to you!

Geocaching....what is it?

I copy and pasted the following basic info on geocaching. I have personally found about 50 caches in the Sedona, Az area....some are quite remote and challenging to find. It is a very fun outdoor "hobby". need a minimally smart smart phone....and a little extra time....

What is geocaching? Geocaching is an outdoor adventure where players use our free mobile app or a GPS device to find cleverly hidden containers around the world.

How many people geocache? There are more than 10 million registered users on, with more than 800,000 in the U.S., more than 275,000 in Germany and more than 160,000 in Canada.

How many geocaches are hidden? More than 2.5 million geocaches are waiting to be found in over 180 countries.

Why do people geocache? People geocache because it's a way to explore the world around them with friends and family and because it's fun. Geocaching is a game that reveals a world beyond the everyday, where the possibility of a new discovery hides under park benches, in the forest and probably a short walk from where you are right now (literally).

Jim, this is so wonderful,

Jim, this is so wonderful, the big picture of geocaching that you give!

Might you also post it under a new Heavenletter as well? More people may go to read the day's Heavenletter and will see your post!

God bless your ideas and for posting.

Maybe you did. I'm pulled in a hundred directions, and I missed something!

"Just for you" update...and homelessness

This project...if you going beautifully. It does have a life of its own. I am personally passing them people I know...and don't know yet...including people that others call homeless. Yes...a life of its own...cause love knows what to do always. Also...I am passing guided...little groups of them...packets if you be passed on to others. I have a friend who lives nearby in the National Forest. I will ask him if he wants to help in some way with this project. And you...the reader of this...would you like to help in some way too?...I am connected closely to part of the homeless community here in Sedona, Cottonwood and Flagstaff...having been homeless for periods of time in the last several years...either living out of my car....or in a tent supplied by Catholic Charities...or living in a shared office or store front space...And getting food from the local food bank or churches and eating at the free local Monday night dinner. Now I have a place of my own and a wonderful car that a friend gave me. How do I look at my homeless years and months?...The same way I look and feel about my current life...I am filled with wonder and awe...and love...mostly love...and great appreciation for all of those beautiful souls who dared to see my heart...and not just the outside...That's all for now...Much much love...for you and your family and friends and for everyone...Jim(i)

Dear Friend, It appears that

Dear Friend,

It appears that the Universe is your Home.

Thank you.

Dear Jim, Another package of

Dear Jim,

Another package of these delicious Just for You Heavenletter messages just arrived. There must be some Heavenletters elves around who make this happen -- you and another friend of your go out of your way. You not only had this idea -- you made it happen.

You are spreading a lot of joy around. It is like Heaven to receive them. It is like being a kid again on Christmas morning. God bless you.

Something interesting I noticed just recently. You call your surprise messages from Heavenletters Just for You. When I was receiving a Heavenletter -- this is the highpoint of my day -- God ending it with these 3 words:

Just for you.

This also made me happy.

Thanks, dear Jim. I do not know how to express to you how all your giving fills my heart to overflowing.

Oh Gloria....

You are pleasure...and God's joy as well. My friend Greg loves to make them and btw....he nicknames these HL quotes in the little scrolls..."diplomas"....ha ha so cute and I"m sure there is wisdom in that!! I forgot if I mentioned it...but three baskets of Just for You's went to California for close friends to hand out at A Course in Miracle and A Way of Mastery meetings in Sacramento and L.A. They should arrive next Tuesday....The joy of sharing God's Love is so great! Much Love.....Jim(i)

Where to begin, dear Jim.

Where to begin, dear Jim. Where to begin with the joy and awe you and your friends shower on the Universe. Just to think of you. You are a new kind of Earth angels. Where did you come from?!!! Can only be God. You are like an underground kind of Heavenletter Just for You movement spreading your joy from Sedona now to California after having shared it with me in Iowa where I am somehow surprisingly living for so many years now.

Yesterday I spoke to Heaven Admin, Santhan, in South Africa on Zoom for the first time. Well, Zoom is like Skype although Zoom has one added feature that I will mention in a minute. With Santhan and I face to face on Zoom, I took one of your dear Just for You Heavenletter quote packets and slowly opened it up for him.

First I showed the complete packet. Slowly took off the tiny rubber band around the rolled up packet.

Then I removed the beautiful butterfly seal. I doubt I would ever have a tattoo, but, if I were going to, I would want one of this butterfly. It's a perfect symbol of Light, Lightness, and Happiness, Jim.

Then I slowly unrolled the scroll of a well-chosen quotation from Heavenletters that you or one of your participating friends had typed and copied.

Then I read it aloud to Santhan, and Santhan was lit up and so was I. What a way for us to begin a meeting! Can you imagine the high we were on!

Okay, now two new ideas came to mind.

1. The first one involves Zoom. I mentioned it had an extra feature. Zoom can record. I understand this to mean that once you and your friends get the hang of it, you could record step by step on Zoom how you make your gifts and all you are doing. I wonder if a YouTube video could be made of this and presented to the world on You-Tube and circulated on our new Website on a page called Heaven Heroes or something like that and on Facebook etc.

Zoom is free, of course.

I will ask Will Harader, Heaven Admin 2, if you are so inclined, whether he has the time to put this together. I mean get it on You-Tube and onto the upcoming new web site and Facebook etc.and help with the mechanics.

2. Another idea, without taking you away from your project, would be for each of your Just for You Heavenletter team to introduce yourselves on the forum, hopefully with a photo. Hey, Jim, you have a gang!

As Manuela Timofte, Romanian Volunteer Translator Angel, so often reminds me, there is a reason for everything.

Of course, these are ideas that popped into my head, and only if they light you up, would you consider doing any of this. You have been serving remarkably just as you are. This is definitely your and your friends' project.

God bless you,


I can upload the video to

I can upload the video to YouTube, though it's relatively easy to do if whoever is shooting the video wants to upload it directly. YouTube offers some video editing tools as well which makes things easier.

Hi, Will! It's great of you

Hi, Will! It's great of you to help us accomplish this. May people with video cameras and ideas see your post and take note.

In regards to Zoom, It is my understanding that with Zoom, Zoom somehow records visual and audio without our having video cameras. There must be directions and many who can follow them. But don't go by me! I am certified non-tech!

Will, does Heavenletters have a specific You Tube Identity?

this is indeed a wonderful

this is indeed a wonderful project. I would so love go see some pictures of a just for you "diploma". is that possible. ?

tons of love

Hi sorry...

I did not respond earlier...If you like, I would love to send you a basket of will be the first one sent to Europe....just sent me your current address (I may have an old address but not sure)....send to my email at jimkeller7 [at] yahoo [dot] com.....much love...Jim(i)

Dearest Jim, Sorry had the

Dearest Jim,

Sorry had the toughest time. Yes Indeed I would so love some Heavenletter.

Will send you private mail.

Tons of Love always dear.


Brilliant project

Offerings like this expand out on so many levels that its impossible for mortal eyes to see the reach of our loving actions. Well done Jim and team.

We'll definitely have a Heaven Heroes page on the new website and we want to feature projects like this.

Several years ago I used to stick in complete Heavenletters into people's post boxes. I remember that there were some others who did this. "Just for You" is taking things to a whole new level. It was exciting to see Gloria unwrap the scroll yesterday and then read out the quote. Its is both a gift and an invitation.

Now, dear Heaven Admin,

Now, dear Heaven Admin, Santhan, you have such a way of writing that raises our consciousness high. Thank you. .

I never knew you put Heavenletters into mailboxes! Of course, this isn't astonishing.

Heaven Admin, I remember your telling me that somewhere in either Argentina or South Africa, in a small out of the way place in the country, you came across a street booth that held copies of various Heavenletters that somebody had printed out and left there for people without computers to take and so broadcast Heavenletters deeper into the world. Did we ever find out the angel who had done this?

I don't think anyone really knows the extent you do and give to Heavenletters, and that includes me too.

Thanks a bunch!

Dear Jim, dear Gloria, dear

Dear Jim, dear Gloria, dear Heaven Admin, dear Will, dear Berit,

dear Heavenreaders and Heavensubscribers, dear Translator Angels,

what I am feeling when I read these magnificent posts is that all together we are raising the vibration of the world. Everyone of us does it in his/her own way. We are doing it by reading a Heavenletter (silently or aloud), by translating a Heavenletter, by writing inspiring comments (thank you, dear Christine202 and so many others!), by passing Heavenletters to our friends, by publishing them on Facebook, and by the so thrilling "Just for you" Heavenletter project, etc...

Thank you, Jim, for your groundbreaking, marvellous new project, opening doors and showing new ways to the hearts of so many people, spreading God's light on Earth!

Together, we are really bringing Earth closer to Heaven. I think that everyone who reads Heavenletters feels that there is a wonderful new element in his/her life. An element of inner joy, of intimacy with God, of feeling to be at ease (as today's Heavenletter "When You Require Love the Most…" says in so wonderful words).

We all are blessed to be here!

Thank you, Gloria, and thank you, dearest Father in Heaven!

Love, Clemens

And what a writer you are,

And what a writer you are, dear Clemens!

Hi Gloria

At your is a copy of my email to you after you received your second basket of "just for yous".....

Hi Gloria...Thank you so much for your thank you's and appreciations and love. I will share your note with Greg and forward his email to you when I get it from him....Of much love in this project....just doing it is a reflection of Heartfelt Love for God and all of His/Her children....So natural to Love...all....and the Just for You's are a token of that love....but also...I suspect....packets of genuine love that resonate with the sweet....

ps....just ran into a Cherokee woman....I gave her a large basket of just for you's...and she will take them up to the Hopi reservation to give to the elders and others...she gives people sweetgrass and sage in exchange for donations that she brings up to help fund various needed projects on the rez. Much Love...Jim/Jimi

7/6/17 Just for you Update....

Hi Gloria and everyone...Two events with these little scrolls....I recently mailed a basket of "Just for You's" to the a Dearest Friend of Heavenletters who lives in Italy....Guess who...ha ha! This is the first basket to go to Europe!!! Also...I dropped off a beautiful large basket of JFYs to Francis who is the owner of the Arizona Botanical Gardens in Clarkdale, Az...not far from Sedona....The basket will be in the lobby for anyone to take Heavenletter quotes from as they please....I will replenish the basket as needed....This way the spiritual nectar of the Heavenletters can mingle with nectar aromas from the various cacti. So sweet...If anyone else would like a basket....I will be happy to mail it to you....Much...much love....Jim(i) to Greg...I have a stock of about 700 Just for You's....ready to go!

God little Love Scrolls ....

Dearst Jim and Jimi

I received your wonderful package, OMG this is amazing. I thought you sended just a few scrolls so that I could get the idea, instead I received a WONDERFUL basket FULL of scrolls of all sizes !! such a blessing. just at looking at them I felt overwhelmed, Love just flows from them while only looking at them. they are created with so much LOVE, it is amazing. I really really really love them !! the beautiful butterflies and the tiniest rubbers in all colours to tie the scrolls rolled, so beautiful. I feel so blessed.

....and.....I would love to do them in italian. it is such an incredible beautiful gift just to flock on everyone....

I wonder if there is a file available with the quotes that I might take as reference and get them then from the italian HL.

I do thank you so very very much dear Jim, I can't really express my joy propperly in words maybe, but I hope you can feel it all the same.

Biiiiiggest hugs and thanks and Love to you dear.
Loving you always.

Sharing a Love Scroll ...

I wanted to share the Love Scroll selected this morning :

"You are the sweep of My hand. You are the echo of My voice curling back to Me.
You are the issuance of My breath. And you are My inhalation. You are My very
thought. You are My pursuit. I am your reason for being, and you are Mine. We
exceed.You are My passage through the world, and your journey is safe because
there is nothing to pass through but the light of My love.

The gauntlet is imagined, for all is light and you are the bearer of it. You are My
light on earth. So be it."

Excerpt from Heavenletter # 491..... found at

melts my heart and soul.... only God can touch us in such a way. tons of love.