Inner and Outer Space

God said:

Have you not been caught up in the dichotomy between what really is and what is really not? That which I call illusion, you call truth. What I know to be Truth, you call illusion. That which is within you, you call far-out. What is far away or does not even exist, you pull close to you, and so you are fraught in time and space.

And yet, within your inner space, you stop time, and you transmute space. Time and space become Eternity, and you know your Oneness for the actuality that it is. This is what your heart truly wants with every beat. Heretofore, you have had glimpses of this rhapsody. If you can have glimpses, you can have longer looks. Then a time will come when you cannot take your eyes off Eternity. Would you not like to enter the vastness of Oneness never to return to particles of it.

When life can be carried on a chariot of Heaven, don't you want to? When you can reach the sun no matter what direction you come from, don't you want to put your hand out? When you can see the other side of Earth, and the galaxies, and beyond the galaxies, when you can with one step span the universe, wouldn't you leap? Enough of tiptoeing.

You have been hypnotized by ordinary life in the world. It has been hard for you to get your mind off it. In fact, admit that you have been consumed by it.

Now let your life on Earth be recreation. Let it be your playground. Let it be recess. Let life be the mountain you roll down and walk around. Let life be an asset. Mountains are good, and the plains around them are also good. They are for you to enjoy.

But what you see as far horizons and light years away — they are also for you to enjoy. Look long at the stars, and you will know that your eyes are made of the same starlight. You will know that your face is the Moon, and that the galaxies are contained within you. You are a galactic traveler. What can one issued from My heart and breath be but a galactic being? That is what a Human Being is.

You merely wear an Earth uniform. But a uniform is nothing but a uniform. Even when it has your name embroidered on it, the uniform is not you. It is just something you wear. It is not permanent. That which is permanent, you never have to be concerned about losing for it is indelible. That which is impermanent, you never have to be concerned about keeping because you never had it in the first place. Illusion is what you try to hold onto.

You cannot lean on an imaginary stair railing, but that is what you do time and time again. Like that, you think the world holds you up. You think it is solid. And you think Truth is vapor. Do you begin to glimpse the fallacies you have held on to, and the Truth that you are beginning to grasp?

Let the buoyancy of Reality hold you high. Recognize light for what it is, and recognize density for what it is. Perhaps you haven't learned your left hand from your right yet.

Fortunately, I am everywhere. I am in the density laughing at how seriously it is taken when it is really nothing at all. A hard rubber ball has its uses, but so does a balloon or a kite that ascends beyond physical reach. Take a moment now to reach beyond the fragmented intensity of the physical realm. Or at least lean over it.