In All Mortals Are Love and Wisdom


Dear Mother Divine, it occurs to me that you had to be created so God would have someone to promote Him. Even in fiction, there has to be the friend or confidante. The protagonist cannot be the only one talking about himself.

Mother Divine:

Excellent point. All need a spokesperson. God can be silent and modest while I sing His praises. It is good.

The minute God started to move, I was there. I am an aspect of His Holy Self. God the soul, and I His body is one way you can look at it. That is not fact but metaphor. I am not separable from God. I am half of God, you could say. I am a form of His thought, integral, intimate, inescapable.

I do give Him good press, and it is Myself I tout. As all is yourself, dear Gloria.

We are Wholeness, and that is God. You cannot separate God from yourself either.

Don't try to figure out, dear Gloria. Just accept love and wisdom, for they are who you are.


Dear Mother Divine, I feel so far away from love and from wisdom.

Mother Divine:

Simply embrace them. Don't hold them off. In all mortals are love and wisdom. Love and wisdom need to know themselves. You need to know yourself.

Love and wisdom are the same. Wisdom is what love sees. Love's vision is wisdom.

A Course in Miracles, Lesson 289:
"The past is over. It can touch me not … Shall I demand that You wait longer for Your Son to find the loveliness You planned to be the end of all his pain?"


Dear Father, is it true that in this moment I can leave the past and its pain behind me?


You can. And when you fully accept Me, My Vision, and My Will, you will have left the past behind. You are afraid to let go, Gloria. What is so precious that you cannot walk away from it? Your tears? Your childhood? Your misbeliefs?

Come with Me into new territory. Accept My hand I offer you that you must clasp. I can lead you but not compel you. I offer you My hand, but you must take it. Come with Me. Come up front here. Do not stay behind.

Choose Me, Gloria. Choose Me. Choose Me.

Come into My arms and sail away with Me, across horizons and dimensions to where it all began. Come Home with Me, and stay with Me. Not rest awhile, but stay.

Stay with Me. Stay with Me in your heart and mind. Have no thoughts before Me.

Allow Me to be your thought, your awareness, your love.

Let Me be your God and none other.

What trinket balances the scale with Me?

Join Me. Join Me with your attention on Me. That is your acceptance. Have no other thought before Me. Have no other sight before Me. Have no other desire before Me.

Let God be your mantra day and night. Let the thrum of your heart beat God, God, God. Let Me be at your fingertips. Hear only Me.

Transcend your senses and come into My abode.

Abide with Me. I place a ring on your finger so you will remember I am with You. We are joined in Holiness. I place a ring on each of your fingers so you will remind yourself of Me and not waver from Me.

One ring is of flowers. Another of gold. Another of platinum. Another of rare jewels unknown to man. Another of rubies and emeralds and diamonds of the finest known to man. How many is that?




That is your left hand.

On the right, a ring of gossamer thread.

Another of sparkling dew set in grass.

Another of pure sunshine wrapped around your finger.

Another of pure moonness twined around your finger.

And the last is a common stone found on the street set in amber so that you know your connection to earth — and My connection to earth.

Memorize these rings. They can never leave your hands any more than I can leave your heart.

These rings are symbols of what always has been. You understand? These are reminders of Our love and trust and Our continuity.

Never can these rings of joy be broken. You can never lose them as you have material rings.

Had you not lost your material rings and they were still on your fingers, these special rings I gave you would still adhere.

But remember these rings I have placed on your hands, and with these We plight Our troth and acknowledge Our Joinedness.



Dear Mother Divine, what would you like to tell me this evening?

Mother Divine:

Remember the troth you and God pledged. Remember the rings on your fingers. Remember the love you are, and remember God's love which dwells within you and which surrounds you.


Dear Mother Divine, I have to confess I am depressed. I don't understand it, but it is so. God's rings on my fingers, and I am depressed.

Mother Divine:

Look at your sadness go past you, as you would look at a train passing by. Your sense of depression is sadness going past. It is not forever. It is a moment of sadness making its way out. Be glad for that.


Is it so ingrained in me to be sad that I will never get really past it?

Mother Divine:

You will have less and less sadness, and you will mind it less and less.

When you have it, look at it and say:

"Oh, look at this. Sadness. I don't know what it's doing here, but I know it is here a short time. I will notice it as I notice anything else, like an advertisement that comes in the mail. I notice it, but I pay no attention to it.

"My attention is on God, my Father, Mary, my Mother, and Christ, my brother. My attention is on God's work, and that is my life. I will notice God's rings on my fingers, and I will notice joy."