In a Land of Love

God said:

When you feel love in your heart, do not wait for a better time to express it. Love is not fleeting. Love lasts forever. But the time is now.

Do not be shy to express your good feeling towards another being or anything.

Do not push love away.

Let love be beheld. Behold it yourself.

Your awareness of love arises when it arises. Your awareness arises so that you may express the love your awareness signals. Sense of love is not to be withheld. Do not withhold it from yourself. Have you not restricted yourself when it comes to love?

When you love trees and flowers, well, then, love them. Surround yourself with them. Pick bunches of flowers and bless the earth that helped them grow. Do not wait for another flower to bloom. Pick this one. Fill vases. Love yourself enough to love all that you love and not be stingy about it.

Cast your love on whatever it falls on.

If you love the seasons, love them. Be unabashed with love. There is never an end to love, yet you must spend it while you can. When are you going to acknowledge to yourself how much you love? When are you going to tell the universe how much you love it?

Love is not for later. It is for now.

If you love a room in your house, love it. Taking care of a room in your house is not a duty. It is an expression of love.

Picking up a paper off the floor is more than a good deed. It is an act of love.

When you enter a room, and turn a light on, acknowledge the turning on of the light as a blessing to the room that houses you and serves you silently.

When you look at something, look at it with love. Take time for love.

When you look at the night sky, acknowledge that you love the stars you see and the stars that are not evident. Fling your love through many dimensions.

Whether you see the beings of My light that you call angels around you or not, love them.

Whether your loved ones are on Earth or in Heaven, love them the same. Do not hold back your love. Love does not have to hurt. You have been trying to contain your love for fear of hurt. Love even your tears. Love every living thing and love those great personages who loved you while they were on Earth and love you still and forgive them for perhaps withholding their love when they were on Earth with you. They do not withhold their love now. They may have waited for physical death before they could express their love fully, but you do not have to wait. Express your love now. Express it most of all to yourself. Acknowledge it to yourself. You are a creature who loves.

The backdrop of your life is love. You came from love, and to love, you return. But there is no absence of love. In the interim between birth and death, it's just that sometimes you are too busy to remember you are love and that love is all there is. Beloveds, why spend time on anything else? What else are you doing that can begin to compare?

It is not that you are to be in hurry to love. It is not that you are to make an effort to love. It is simply that you are to be the love that you are and to give it credence.

You are not a talker of love. You are an exponent of it.

See love. See your own.

There is an explosion of love upon the universe, and you are part of it. If anger can erupt, surely love can. Easy quiet love will overtake you, and it will overtake the universe. Not in gaudy colors. Not in heavy steps. But just the way you awaken from a deep sleep. Your eyes open, and you say, "Where am I?" And then you remember you are in a land of love, and so you get up, and so you love.