God said:

How do you know that things are not going right? What makes you so sure? How do you know what is right? How do you know how things should go? What you think is better may be skipping necessary steps. What you think is better may be illusory or ill-advised. What makes you think you know better how things should be?

Life is for working things out. It is not for conclusions.

Look at the conclusion of Christ's life on Earth. Christ did not consider himself a failure because My words through him were not valued by everyone. He did not consider he had failed because Judas turned him in. He did not think he was a failure because he was arrested. He did not think he had failed because he was not always treated with respect. He did not think he had failed because his body died on the Cross. He did not consider that he had failed Me or that I had failed him. He knew I didn't forget him. He knew he took steps that led the world to Me. That is what he knew. And that is what he accomplished. And that is what I accomplish now through you.

Conclusions are never conclusions anyway. Christ's life was not concluded. He knew his immortality. He knew his eternity. And he knew yours. And he knew My love. And he knew the fleeting moment of life on Earth. He knew the surface and he knew what lay beneath the surface. He knew all this because he knew My thought and He served Me. He thought more about Me than he thought about the shifting sands of life. He thought about Me more than he thought about himself. He certainly didn't spend his time bemoaning the course of events. Daily news did not occupy his attention. He was occupied with Me.

Now, in regard to events in your life, change your thinking for a moment. What if things are going right? What if the way things are going is just right? If you are judging the currents of life, you can be sure you are misjudging. All you can say for certain is that things are not going the way you thought or wanted. But that is all you can say. That is all you know.

My children do not know what is before them any more than they know what has transpired. You have been looking at fleeting moments rather than the tide of life. The tide of life is magnificent. The details may not seem so. Most certainly all the details will not seem so.

But what are details anyway? Small things attended to and now out of the way. Better to look at what the details are for. They are not for themselves. They are for something grander. Now is time for you to look at the grander.

There is a star in the sky that you are following. Keep your eye on the star. The path of the star you follow is broad. Actually, it is infinite. The star you follow leads you to infinity. The star you follow leads you to Me. And I am the star you follow. And while you follow Me, I am following you. We follow each other. My eyes are never off you. When your eyes are on Me, you melt in My love.

There is no reason for you to depart from My love. My love cannot depart from you. Do not you depart from it, not even for one moment, not even for one moment of your imagining.

Imagine truth. Imagine My love. Imagine Me. Imagine Us. Imagine.

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God said; "He did not think

God said;
"He did not think He had failed because His body died on the cross."

Thank you, o heavenly father, for driving this important point home.. What with the daVinci code, & other crackpot theories floating about, how wondrous indeed, to hear god himself state that; Christ DID in fact, physically DIE ON THE CROSS.
Brightest Blessings to you, o great one. :)

Do Not Depart

from My Love. Even for a moment. I AM with you Always.

Imagine truth. Imagine My love. Imagine Me. Imagine Us. Imagine.

Love to All,