illusion of loneliness

Waves of Loneliness

God said:

Loneliness has its good points. It shows a yearning for more closeness with the world and, ultimately, Me. It is a yearning to share. It is a silent knowing that there is more for you, and the more you seek is calling to you.

Is there anyone who has not experienced loneliness? Someone with many friends knows loneliness just as well as someone with one friend or, seemingly, no friends. Someone in a cave all by himself may not feel lonely and, very likely, isn't thinking about loneliness at all.


God said:

Loneliness is a thing of the past. All the things you do not want are of the past. They are already gone. All the unwanted is moving out. Loneliness, which was always fiction, has made its exit. Loneliness is a misbelief. Throw it out now.

You also know that the opposite of loneliness is not company.

Sense of loneliness is like something you think of eating. It is a thought like any other. It is not something visited on you. It does not come from outside you. It dwells within.

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