If Your Heart Aches

God said:

Speak to Me of love. What else do I speak to you of?

Love is not selfish, or it is not love. Love is not unselfish either. Love knows not of selfish or unselfish, but by its very nature it gives. At the very least, it gives meaning to what, otherwise, might not seem meaningful.

If you want meaning in your life, start thinking about giving love out. As a dealer deals cards, start to deal love out, right and left, all around the table. You don't have to announce the cards you deal. You just deal. You do not look for thank you's. You look just to deal. You make sure you deal a card to everyone.

Opportunity to give love will present itself.

Don't wait for love to come to you.

Give love in unlikely places.

Give love where it is not.

There are corners of the universe that have not awakened to the light of love. Your love will reach those corners if you but send it. The corners may be in your house.

We are not talking politeness or courtesy. We are talking far more than that. The love We speak of is not formality nor is it a gushing overture. The love We speak of is a recognition. It is a looking into the eyes of someone, or everyone, and giving them a moment of yourself fully.

When you do that, there is no separation. There are no roles. There is no clerk and customer. There is no employer and worker. There is no rich and no poor. There is no foreigner or native. There is no differentiation. There is recognition. There is recognition of reality beyond the exchanges of everyday life.

Exchange more than you have been exchanging, for you have been short-changing yourself and others around you.

You have played your cards close to your chest. Now unbreast your cards because you play for all. You play in a game where there are Human hearts beating for the upliftment of one another.

Your eyes will wash the faces of those you see.

All whom you meet you will know you have met before.

There is nothing casual. It is all causal. It is all important. It is important that you be there, wholly there in the moment of reunion with another's heart. Do not pass it by. Do not wait for it for later. Dissolve any protective barriers in your heart and be honest for all the world to see.

Your heart is not for you alone. Your heart is not a scale that weighs input and output. Your heart is a lovely hammock where all may come and swing for a while and then they go on and give My love gained from your heart to others they meet, and so I am revealed. In bits and pieces, Wholeness is revealed.

Love is a code. Its message is Yes. Its message is Eternity. Its message is God. Its message is Oneness. Its message is Light. Its message is scrolled upon the Heavens for all to see.

You, in your daily life, are a Skywriter.

Your heart is your airplane.

You make loops that spin across the sky and return to you to your delight.

Your heart plays Frisbee with love in the domain of the universe.

You sail through the stars and bring some of their light to earth. You are the points of the stars radiated onto earth.

You are assailed with opportunities to reveal the love that your heart is full of. If your heart aches, it aches to give.