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I was having trouble reading Heavenletters a few days ago...

and I wrote to Gloria about the problem. She quickly repsonded to my letter and told me that I should press f5, if this happens again, because most of the time, it clears up the problem. She was RIGHT! It immediately fixed it. All has been well since. So if you ever find yourself faced with lots of signs symbols, and other heiroglyphics when you enter Heavenletters, try pressing f5 first to see if it can be corrected. Just wanted to share a tip of advice, and post the letter I wrote. :)

From: Heather Schmidt [mailto:heatherflower2 0 0 5 [at] yahoo [dot] com]
Sent: Friday, March 28, 2 0 0 8 8:2 1 AM
To: Gloria
Subject: RE: Hey Gloria,

Hello Gloria ((( )))
Thank you for writing back to me so quickly on this. I did try using f5 yesterday like you had suggested, and it seemed to clear the problem up. :)

I went back to Heavenletters this morning, and things seem to be back in working order.

I appreciate you helping to resolve this so quickly. I wake up every morning to Heavenletters! You are such an inspiration to me. I don't know how you possibly come up with all these letters every day and keep them all so new and unique!

Your letters are part of my daily time with God. :)
Thanks for all you do to make the world a brighter place!


Heather (Heather Flower)

Gloria wrote:

Beloved Heather,

Thank you for writing, dear one.

Someone else reported the same thing as you.

I will send this email of yours to Heaven’s technical angel right away.

Although I haven’t had what you are experiencing, Heather, something that has been useful for me in the past is to press F5.

Meanwhile, here is what someone posted on the forum:

The idea behind the solution I found was to delete as many temporarily stored things in your browser as you have access to -- cache, cookies etcetera. Safari has a "Reset Safari" function which deletes all of this stuff at once. When I use it, everything works smoothly afterwards. The strange thing, however, is that the gobbeldegook happens only on Another strange thing is that gobbeldegook sometimes disappears by itself when I log in.

We sure do love having you read Heavenletters, and we sure do want you to be able to read the forum and post there as well.

Heather, I just had an idea. Perhaps you will give it a try.

Take the Heavenletter you received today. Go to the end of the text. Do you see that Add Comment link? Press that. It should take you a box where you can type in a comment. It will also ask you to add some simple numbers just to make sure you’re not spam. Type in a comment, anything you want, and then press Submit. See if that gets you there. Will you try it and let me know if you are then in the site?

God bless you.

With love,



From: Heather Schmidt [mailto:heatherflower2 0 0 5 [at] yahoo [dot] com]
Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2 0 0 8 7:2 0 AM
To: Gloria
Subject: Hey Gloria,

Good morning Gloria :)

I was wondering if you knew what was going on with the Heavenletters website? I have gone there for the past 2 days, and both times it just has all these weird signs and symbols on it, but no Heavenletters.

I LOVE reading Your Heavenletters. You are so gifted at writing them. Can you please respond and let me know if/when the board will be back up and running?

Thank you so much,

((( ))) Heather (aka Heather Flower on Heavenletters)

"Let all you do be done in LOVE"


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"Let all you do be done in LOVE"