How to create Heaven News

Heaven News is published 1-2 times a month with possibility of more publications. This document is for the author/s and editor/s of Heaven News. It specifies the format on how Heaven News should be submitted to the person responsible (publisher) for the final preparation, publication and mail out of the newsletter to subscribers.

Heaven News has the following standard sections that are featured in every Heaven News...

  1. Opening God Quote
  2. Welcome New Subscribers
  3. Godwriting blog entries
  4. Featured Forum topics (occasionally)
  5. Message from Heaven's creative director (occasionally)
  6. Awareness about donations (occasionally)
  7. Ending God Quote

Between section #2 and #3 are a variety of news items, each forming their own section with title.

How to send and format Heaven News to the publisher
Heaven News must be submitted as a MS Word document without any formatting other than bold, italics and underline. No font colors, headings, html tags etc are required

1) For each section provide a clear title followed by the content. Each section should be numbered (1,2,3,4...) as below. Next to the number, fill in the title. In the next line enter the content of the section formatted as desired.

1) Opening God Quote
From little self, Big Self grows.
Personal Godwriting 2-11-08

2)Heaven Angels - 3 New Translators! One Heaven Assistant!
Joining Anca as a Romanian translator is Cristina and Cristina’s mother will translate Heavenletters into Hungarian.

We are so blessed.


2) Text must be formatted using MS Word as any other document. Formatting allowed: Bold, Underline, Italics
3) Quotations must be wrapped with " quotation marks only. No indent required.
4) Once complete the document must be attached and sent via email to santhan [at] mojahmedia [dot] net
5) Photos must be submitted as attachments to the email. Place [photo: filename.jpg] within the body of the news section where the photo must appear.

Review of Heaven News

Heaven News will be sent as a preview version to editor/s prior to sending to the list. Any changes or edits to existing content must be conducted on the preview email and sent back to santhan [at] mojahmedia [dot] net. Please change word additions/edits to a red font color and make bold.

Additional sections must be sent via separate email with a clear email subject related to the Heaven News. eg: Additional section for March 1, 2008 Heaven News.