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How to add Heavenletters into the Database - Archive team tutorial

This guide is for members of the archiving team and will only work if your account has the correct permissions to add Heavenletters to the website

  1. Log in
  2. Click on Create Content (On the bottom right menu below Navigation)
  3. Click on Heaven Letters
  4. Select language
  5. Enter the Title
  6. Enter the Published Number
  7. Read the Heavenletter and tag it with themes or topics
  8. Select the Published Date
  9. Click Submit

Important Notes

Test to see if Heavenletter has not been submitted into the Database. In the box called Heavenletter Reference Check, type in the first few letters of the Heavenletter title. This box will query the database and display a list of titles with the letters you typed in. This will prevent Heavenletters from being duplicated in the database. In the future we would like to do this programatically, but for now this is the only method we have. Please make sure you use it for every Heavenletter submitted.

Themes can be 1-4 word phrases. When you type in a theme, the box will do a search for related themes. Rather than creating a new tag/theme/topic, try to use an existing theme or topic. Eg. The big universe and universe are related. If you see a theme called the big universe already exists in the database, use it rather than create a new theme called universe. The themes are case sensitive so Universe and universe are different. Therefor type all themes in lower case except for words related to God.

Does this apply to

Does this apply to translators? I seem to have just discovered this!

Yes it does...or it will.

Yes it does...or it will. Its now only useful to Spanish translators.

Those with Editor permissions may add Heavenletters into the database whenever they feel. Every Heavenletter added to the database gets us closer to having all Heavenletters since November 2000 (when the first officially numbered Heavenletter was published),searchable and indexed on this site.

Do I understand then that

Do I understand then that Lourdes and Anita who translate into Spanish can just do this?
How does it work to get Editor Permissions?

And when will this be available for Italian translations, for instance?

When a Heavenletter gets into the data base, does that mean it is automatically sent out to subscribers?

Perhaps I need to read again what you wrote.

It is amazing to me all the attention and work and vision you put into Heavenletters. You are always thinking about Heavenletters and how to move it forward. It is not the only thing you have going. It is like you work three or four or full-time jobs.

You were indeed God-sent. Actually, that must be true for everyone who is here.

God bless you.

With love,