Hello, Myself

God said:

You are My testament to Myself. You are the Speaker and Revealer of My Heart. Reveal it! Get on with it now.

I made you in My Image. I gave you all the Rights and Privileges and Purposes and Responsibilities that are Mine. I made you My Heir. I proclaimed you Myself. I told you to venture forth and reveal Truth. By My Very Nature, and by yours, I drew you in My Image, and so I multiplied Myself and spread My Multiplication Tables upon Earth and told you to go forth and multiply. Multiply My love, I said. I told you to be a Mirror of Myself, to reflect Me upon Earth, to be a testament to Me, a revealer of Me, a brightener of the Sun, a polisher of souls, a cleaner of eyes, a helper of others to see.

I washed your windows. I kissed you tenderly. I sent you forth. I spread you upon the Earth like homemade frosting on a cake, and, then, you forgot everything including what you were on Earth for. You thought you were on Earth for yourself alone, and, so, you wandered, not really fathoming what you were on Earth for and what you were doing here in what appeared to be a jungle to you, so unseeing were you.

You became a pauper King, a King with a paper crown. You forgot that you were gold. Instead, you claimed to be an imposter, tarnished tin, a poser as it were, someone who arrived in a new country with false identity papers. You made too little of yourself. Instead of walking like the Son or Daughter of God, you scrambled on Earth, walked on tippity-toes, or you crawled on Earth and could hardly lift your head. You cast your eyes down and hung your head and said, “Tut, tut.”

You found fault with others. You didn’t realize that you were chalking up flaws of yourself and brandishing them around as if they belonged to others. Instead of inspiring the world, you looked for inspiration and couldn’t see it. You simply did not see the splash of light you yourself shine on Earth. You saw a shadow of yourself. You denied yourself and called yourself victim. That is as good as calling yourself a cartoon character. You let yourself be a patsy. This was a nod you gave yourself.

At the same time, you strutted around with world importance and tried to get worshippers to you who didn’t know who or what to worship. On bended knee, you refused yourself your identity, or, in truth, you saw yourself as no more than refuse. You thought you were a staggering loss, you who are everything to Me.

You may well have accused Me of poor dealings with you. I became a scapegoat while you became an accuser. You attributed your irresponsibility to Me. You pointed to anyone and everyone. You refused to admit your own culpability.

All of this subterfuge was to refute your own capability. You couldn’t bring yourself to go out of your zone. You stayed enclosed or even embalmed away from your True Self.

Here I AM. Your True Self. Look at Me and see your Self. I am your Co-Signer and your Heritage. I AM you, and you ARE I. Now you are getting closer to the Truth of Who you really are and What you are really made of. You are more than any words can say. Still, just the the same, I whisper your Greatness: “Thou art I. I AM thou. Hello, Myself.”

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All of this subterfuge

And so it is my Father.
All GOD's Children say aye.
What a holy experience!
It has been an extraordinary journey for us all.
The deeper one descends into Matter the more forgetful one becomes.

It seems that Matter acts as a chemical agent that blocks our memory of who we Are.
We moved from the Heart to the Mind;and Ego became our Master.

We look back to this period of Unawareness and Unawakenedness and have a good bellyful laughter.We really did it to ourselves.Ha Ha.

Would we have skipped this part of our History and this play of Life? I doubt it my Father.
Sometimes I would even say I Loved it.It was the only game in town that I knew.

The beacon of Light from your Lighthouse is getting brighter and calling us Home.

I am glad you were watching us all this time my Father.I am so Glad.
I Love you. I LOVE YOU. I Love you my Father/ Mother.

I am glad that it was you or who art me all this time allowing me to play this Fool.
Thank you. Thank you.

Love to all Hearts
Love to all Creation

Blue Butterflies in Spring

Blue Butterflies in Spring and Summer...
Blue Butterflies in Fall and Winter...
It makes no difference where they are...
They will always fly to the Shining Star, Your Heart <3

Love & Light... and Sweet Aloha