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Heavenletters #6116

Hi Gloria,

How are you doing?

I am working on Heavenletters #6116, and one question about:"A self-estimate of yourself as being idyllic betokens folly". What does "idyllic" mean here? Ignorant? This is different from the dictionary saying. Or does it have an extended meaning? Your help on this is appreciated.


Let Freedom Ring!
Heavenletter #6116 Published on: August 23, 2017
God said:
Beloveds, you are all My Beloveds. It is through My Will and Love that I give you Free Will for the asking. Free Will is your Divine Right. I ask you to make it your responsibility to take care to refrain from seeing others as needing your advice. It is not your business to supervise others. What would make you think that you are to change others into what you want them to be? If you must reform, reform yourself, and let others be unless they ask, and sometimes even then.

When We get down to it, the only person you have any chance of changing is yourself. Much of the time it is nigh on impossible to rectify yourself. Is this not true, My Dumplings? Confess.

It is your business who you are. When you are perfect in lifting Life to its Highest and Deepest, then, only then, would I ask you to straighten out anyone else. HA HA! Meanwhile, it isn’t all that likely that this day will come when you as I are to show others how to live, now, is it!

When you are perfect, throw the first stone indeed. Meanwhile, mind your manners. How do you benefit the world when you take it upon yourself to amend others? Looking out for others doesn’t mean you are to usurp others’ rights.

I have not ordained you to remake anyone. I ask you to Love and to Free all. It isn’t exactly wise of My Children to view themselves as all-wise. A self-estimate of yourself as being idyllic betokens folly. Come now, yes, make Room at the Inn for all. I haven’t yet appointed you the nay-sayer of the world.

You who crave freedom give freedom to others. Life orchestrates, Beloveds, not you. It isn’t for you to change others’ lives. You are not the guardians of the world. It is not for you to relegate others to what you think they ought to look like, act like, and be like.

Where anyone is to learn from is not usually foretold. You cannot foretell from whom and when you yourself are to learn.

Certainly you are not to be holier than thou. Make the world a better place, not just for you, but for all.

This is how you make hallow-ed thy name.

Come closer to Me, Beloveds. Become beloved.

Just as you throw breadcrumbs to feed the birds, give freedom to all. You are not the enforcer of the world. Perish the thought. Set yourself straight.

Beloveds, come now, what jurisdiction do you have? By natural right, you have freedom, and you have independence. Grant to all the same freedom that I give to you. It is this: To make up your own mind.

I do not tie you to the masthead. What I give to you, I ask you to give to all.

And what I give to you, I give to you from My Free Will.

What good is anything without freedom? Certainly, imprison no one in My Name. Do not impose. Freedom is for the good of all. Anyone can make rules. Peace does not control. Peace gives.

Set all Hearts free. Deep breaths are to be taken. Deep breaths expand you. Share the freedom and free expression that you yourself desire. Your freedom does not give you the freedom to hack at another’s freedom. Let go of imposing your will on any other.

We come to good hearts and good actions. Expand all hearts. There is room for big breaths to be taken. Breathe in Freedom, and breathe out Freedom. There is no payment to be enacted in order to allow everyone to breathe.

being idyllic

Dear Cat,

I too am curious to know what the solution will be.

Beloved Cat, dear Translator

Beloved Cat, dear Translator of Heavenletters into Chinese,

It's essential that translators ask their questions. Thank you very much. When you ask a question, you ask it for yourself, yet you are also alerting other translators as well. I ask every translator to ask questions, and you ask a beautiful question. I did see it earlier and then I allowed myself to get sidetracked. My apologies, dear Cat. Also, thanks to Rover for his reminder.

The definition you suggest can make sense because God tells us often enough that we underestimate ourselves. In this case, however, God is pointing out the reverse – that we sometimes we swell with pride and in the vein of thinking too highly of ourselves in terms of the world (ego).

Synonyms for idyllic are beautiful, peaceful, out of this world -- ideal. The adjective idyllic, comes from the noun, idyll. In high school, I remember reading a narrative poem called The Idylls of the King by Alfred, Lord Tennyson whose works in the Victorian era include some of the finest poetry in the English language.

The Idylls of the King dealt with an exciting era in English history and with well-known (in English) characters as King Arthur, Guinevere, Sir Lancelot, and the other Knights of the Round Table. Tennyson was considered a most important poet of the Victorian period. His works include some of the finest poetry in the English language. The Idylls of the King is one of his best-known compositions.

Here is an example from The Idylls of the King:

O me! for why is all around us here
As if some lesser god had made the world,
But had not force to shape it as he would,
Till the High God behold it from beyond,
And enter it, and make it beautiful?

Now I see right away now from this stanza early in this narrative poem how high-minded and spiritual this poem is. In high school and for long long after, I had no conscious realization of the spiritual whatsoever. I grew up in a home where the spiritual was not at all part of our lives. I felt very much outside it, as though I didn't belong yet also had no clue whatsoever that God was beckoning me.

Now I see as a bonus from your question that which I was not at all aware of at the time that it had to have been the spiritual within literature that drew me to major in Literature. I am so grateful.

Just as a side note, although I loved all literature, now it falls into place that World Literature drew me the most. I couldn't get enough of it. Even in high school, I was avid about World Literature. Now I see what I didn't see back then at all.

Amazingly, now I am somehow deeply aware of the gift of being connected to God and also to a team of Heavenletter volunteer translating angels worldwide -- and deeply craving more dedicated translators.

Cat, extra big thanks for your question which has deepened my recognition of what God says -- there are no coincidences. And we are all connected.

Thanks again, Cat.

Loving you and everyone here,


P.S. I think I will also post this on the Godwriting Blog

Love your beautiful story!


Thank you so much for your detail explanation and your sharing. I love your beautiful story. I believe every one who is working for God and playing with him has their own individual story. We are all God's kids!



Dear Cat, thank you so much

Dear Cat, thank you so much for writing back. My insight of the importance to me of Literature in my life reached me through your question. I believe that we are just beginning to see our Connectedness, one with the other. Grateful to you!