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Heavenletter New Website - Open for review

Its been in the planning for a long time. Here it is. Please let us know what you feel + think. All suggestions and comments welcome.

The new website is opening

The new website is opening up the Heavens.

God bless you!
With love, Gloria

The new website looks

The new website looks wonderful!

BRAVO for a job well

:thumbup: BRAVO for a job well done!

May God bless you, always,

Well, I am impressed.

Well, I am impressed. Someone went to lot of effort to create something really beautiful and easy to work.

Gloria you must have great friends in high places to have this done for you. The site will be a major asset as it is so easy for people to negotiate.

Congratulations and welcome to a wonderful playground. Just watch the hits grow.

I am sure that you know how vcaluable this is for extending the message out into the world - we'll be sure to promote it on when we are up and running next month.

Love and Blessings,


I love the new site, Gloria.

I love the new site, Gloria. It's fresh and bright, just like you!
Thanks again for your daily inspirations.
William Hathaway

It's obvious that lots of

It's obvious that lots of love and work have been dedicated to this website. I must say though that the first impression is a little dispersive, the home page is so full of details that it takes time to study them all. That's all a discovery, and it's fine. I just wonder what's the impact on people who come here for the first time.
And I noticed that all the latest Italian translations are missing on the forum, so I hope this can be fixed. And, also, I hope you'll add a reference to the translations on the homepage.
These are the first impressions. I still need to study the site better. The graphics are beautiful though.

Wow!! Wonderfult this new

Wow!! Wonderfult this new site ! My first thought was a lot of loving work was done to create this beauty. I love the color scheme and the layout and the rose !!
My most heartfelt thanks to all the dear Angels who did help to create this beautiful new site! It's like being on fair and have lots of games to play and sweets to taste!
Many many thanks.

All my love

Happiness isn't happiness

Happiness isn't happiness without a violin playing goat...

Hi Heavenletters team well done on this new site, i love the uplifting messages and the pink rose, pink my favourite colour
look forward to being able to write on the poetry page though...

Luv Daisy

Daisy, you can't post on the

Daisy, you can't post on the creative writing page? If we can post here, why not there, I wonder.

God bless you!
With love, Gloria

I love the new site!!! It's

I love the new site!!! It's vibration is so raised and nurturing.. It feels like basking in the sunshine!

Khanyi Media, you did bring Heaven closer to Earth! I wish I could hug each one of you and treat you an ice-cream! :o)

Please, technical team, accept my apologies for posting translations before the forum was up. There was no bad intention, you know it. It was just a misunderstanding.

Mrs Gloria, you must feel on top of the world looking at how shiny the site looks, don't you? What a beautiful family we are!



We would wish that you

Heaven's violen playing goat

We would wish that you always be happy...a violen playing goat for you Daisy!

Drawn by Mauro!

Happiness isn't happiness

Happiness isn't happiness without a violin playing goat...

Gloria really love this site and hooray can write on the poetry page thanks very much for sorting out my problem so quickly... Really impressed thanks for being so patient... :thumbup:

I took a peek at the new Web

I took a peek at the new Web site Santhan is creating, and I am amazed! Santhan has done a beautiful job. He has done what I can only dream of doing! Thank God for Santhan!

Dear Annette, thank you for

Dear Annette, thank you for your beautiful comment. The work done on this website was by Mauro Yacuzzi and myself.

Yet the results you see were produced by the vibrations of all you beautiful souls longing to get closer to the Divine.

I cannot fathom how any credit for the work should be passed onto us. We thank God and thank you, Heaven's archiver!

p.s btw there's a whole database waiting to receive the blessing of the archiver by being fed about 2300 Heavenletters!

The site is attractive but

The site is attractive but would be enhanced by having a clear focal point letting the visitor know quickly what HeavenLetters is. Right now, too many things are vying for my attention.

I am a huge fan of HeavenLetters and appreciate all the work that is going into this.

I just did a "test run" to

I just did a "test run" to see how easy it would be to comment on today's Heavenletter--and found it delightfully easy. Of course, it did take me a few tries to get logged in, since I had forgotten my user name and password, but even that worked out without too much difficultyl--at least I think so. I will find out the next time I try to log on.

Santhan, I give God thanks for you and the gifts you give the readers of Heavenletters through this new web-site.

Well, I lost a comment in

Well, I lost a comment :( in which I thanked Mauro for all his contribution to the new web site, for his great Heaven comics, and for the violin-playing goat above which gave me so much delight! :thumbup:

I also said how happy it makes me to see so many comments. Every post and every response to a post really does bring us closer to being One.

Love and blessings, :wub:


P.S. I had also asked about how to make Smilies work here, and I see it's simple! :?
You just have the courser where you want it, and then press the Smilie you want! :p

Dear Gloria and friends, I

Dear Gloria and friends,
I love the new website - it's beautiful and a great improvement on the old one and by that I do not mean that the old one was not good. It took me several attempts to log in - but here I am. Hope you are all well. Can't do with the smilies though!

With love - Aquarius

So happy you like the new

So happy you like the new website! It is all thanks to God and Khanyi Media and Adrachin and Kirt and all the others who prepared the way.

Now, beloved Aquarius, if I can do smileys, it is guaranteed anyone can! Here's the thing to know: As you type and you want a smiley, you click on the smiley you want. However, you won't see it yet! You will see a code name instead. :wub: For instance, the code for this smiley I just inserted is wub. But when my comment is posted, wub will show up for the smiley it is! And as I did the preview, I see it really did!

Blessings and love, Gloria

Even if I appeared to be

:? Even if I appeared to be the only one who finds something to critizice in this new website, I must say that I find it a little confusing. I agree with the person who said that they miss a clear frontpage explaining what exactly are the Heavenletters. And I also find the forum very confusing and difficult to find to start with. Maybe it's only because I was used to the old one, but I can see that there's not much movement on the forum nowadays. It would be interesting to know what people who find the site for the first time think about it.
With love,

There are certainly much

There are certainly much more things to view, ;) the previous pages were more simpler, but I like it. I too have the impression that there are less activities/entries on the forum, but maybe I'm wrong. Huh:

What I really find confusing is the time indication of who did send the last reply. Personally I would find it much more easer if just the day and maybe the hour was indicated, and not:
5 days and 8 hours ago :Criying:

What I love most is putting Heavenletters in My Favorites, it's splendid to see the most loved HL all at a glance just by logging in and going to ones favorites!!! :thumbup: :big :p

All my love

Suggestions are welcome! We

Suggestions are welcome!

We all know that the web designers have put their whole hearts and souls into creating this new website. We have some idea of the work, time, and caring that went into making this web site that will reach more readers much more quickly.

We have so many great things to say about this new web site, and many of them have been said. I know I could not say them enough.

When the designers at Khanyi Media added this Open for Review section of the web site, they were asking for our honest feedback -- all of it.. I know these designers well, and they are ego-less.

They are here only to serve, and they want to serve new visitors to the web site and forum as well as those who have been a part of Heavenletters for a long time, most certainly translators like you, Paula and Berit, who have also put your whole hearts and souls into Heavenletters.

One of Khanyi Media's greatest desires is to build a community. I think we are Heavenletters. And whatever we have to say is valuable and welcome.

WhatI am trying to say is, when there is feedback to give that has not already been said, then please give it, no apology needed. .

I do not know how to express my gratitude to Khanyi Media, to all of you, to every subscriber. I thank God every day for all of you.

Now I'm a great talker, and it's not easy for me to make a suggestion here either, but I will!

I had written this post down earlier and lost it. What I wrote originally was better than this. This is the third or fourth time I have lost what I've written! I suspect I'm the only one. I think I know now the mistake I make, but when I've done it, there is no retrieving what I've lost.

What I've done and did today was to press Preview Comment. Then when I preview my comment, I see a typo or something and then quickly, without thinking, I press the green back arrow, and so I lose what I wrote. .

Maybe I have learned my lesson, and I will never do this again, but I wonder if this somehow could be made FOOL proof. Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing Preview Comment with Submit Commit right next to it, and I would skip the Preview and allow my other errors to go through rather than lose all my words!

Again, let me extend my appreciation to everyone who posts and to Khanyi Media who has created this beautiful playground for us to play in.

With heartfelt love and blessings,


Khanyi Media have done and

Khanyi Media have done and are doing a WONDERFUL WORK!!! All my most heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all of them!!! :Rolleyes:

I too did press the "green back arrow" and was looking horrified at the empty page !! :Criying:
I thought: "Pls, not this, you can't have erased everything I did write in the spur of the moment with all my heart!!" But it was gone, well I don't think it will happen ever again, but, maybe there could be put a message outcoming and asking most sweetly: :blushing:

"Darling, are really sure you want to go backwards and loose your entry ???" Yes - No
With smilies would be still better !! :p

All my love

Testing this mysterious

Testing this mysterious preview issue ;)

Ok you ladies are right! It really does dissapear. :thumbdown:

What I did notice is....

When you click preview and wish to edit something, you may do so by scrolling down and editing directly into the box :Rolleyes:
No need to click the green arrow back button on your browser.

I also found out that if you click the forward green arrow button after pressing the back green arrow button, the comment will re-appear!

Nonetheless, I fully agree with you that this is not how it should work, so we have now made it possible to immediately submit your comments with errors and all :thumbup:

And we will also see how to stick in the message suggested by Berit.

Agreed Gloria, no apologies required for any criticism, suggestions etc. They are most welcomed. We would like to make this place on the web a comfortable one for the community. You will notice that the home page has changed to a much simpler design. Please click refresh (or f5 on your keyboard) when you are on the home page to see the change.

One Love


Something mysterious has

Something mysterious has happened with posting on this forum. This morning it appears that Preview and Submit are side by side. Just yesterday I wondered if that would be possible. It seems now that there is no distance at all between desiring something and having it happen! What a world! I certainly thank the angels who stay up late to make this happen.

With love and blessings,


Dearest Santhan, what a

Dearest Santhan, what a blessing it is that you are looking so lovingly
after Heavenletters !! Many many thanks!
Now being able to post our entries with all errors and mistakes will really
be great fun I think, often my mind races and my typing rests behind....

a dear hug

Dear Gloria, Sorry I didn't

Dear Gloria,
Sorry I didn't express myself clearly enough!!! I do know how to insert the smilies. What I meant to say was that I am no friend of them - I just don't like them. They are okay for those who enjoy them, but they are not for me. Hope you don't mind me saying so.
With love - Aquarius

Loved the old and love the

Loved the old and love the new look website. It's all good.

With love,