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Dearest Gloria,

I just want to express my joy over a new find I made following the link to Heavenarchives that Annette was kind enough to post on your blog.

Gosh, you really have to strap yourself to your chair when reading those early ones! I get sooo much more clarity through them. And everything seems to become so very simple. Not easy, obviously.

But, Gloria, is there such a link anywhere on the main Heaven Site? I didn't find one. Why are Heavenarchives so difficult to find ..... or has the site been made available only recently?

Anyway, I'm happy I found the way there.

Hugging you and Annette and all the wonderful people qietly and lovingly working in the background,

Dear Jochen, I'm very

Dear Jochen, I'm very surprised.
I can see the link you're talking about on the top right corner on this very page.

There's the link to "Home", then "Heavenletters" followed by "Today's Heavenletter" and then here we are with .

Can't you see it ? ;)

Well... If you can't, I guess there might a problem with the web browser you're using.

Dear Cédric, I should have

Dear Cédric, I should have been more specific. Sorry. What I meant was which is something else. Try it. It's most wonderful. Much love to you, Jochen

We'll be adding a link there

We'll be adding a link there shortly Jochen. Annette manually coded and designed that site and she hosts it on her own expense. Beautiful huh!

One Love

I guess you could say that,

I guess you could say that, Santhan! I start feeling like someone carried around in a sedan-chair, carefully shaded and fanned, treated to exquisite delicacies....

Sweetest Jochen, enjoy this

Sweetest Jochen,

enjoy this sedan-chair for you really deserve it !!! :big

how about some fruit and delicious sweets while reading Heavenletters ??? :p 8)


Ok Jochen ! Now I understand

Ok Jochen ! Now I understand better ! :)

Thank you for giving the url. It's very interesting indeed.

Much love,


Dear Jochen, Santhan et

Dear Jochen, Santhan et al.,
Thank you for your great appreciation. It is pure bliss to be part of the Heavenletters team. Although I design and maintain the Heaven Archives web site (, I could do nothing without Gloria, who so generously provides all the material, gives valuable feedback, and works with me on numerous details. Whatever shortcomings the web site suffers from are strictly mine, for I am a real amateur when it comes to web design. I learn as I go along.
The Heaven Archives web site is being updated on an almost daily basis. As busy as she is, Gloria is still reviewing old Heavenletters to give titles where originally there were none, and to change some old titles where it now seems appropriate.
The web site is still growing and new features will be added over the next few weeks or months. Hopefully, the old Heavenletters will eventually find their way onto the main web site with all its sophisticated search capabilities.
Love and blessings to everyone,
The Archivist, Annette

Dearest Annette! I just

Dearest Annette!

I just wanted to add my congratulations too.
I had no idea about this site untill I read these comments this evening, and so I also have just started reading them.

Well done & thank you!

Love & Blessings to you and to everyONE


PS ...and thank you to Jochen for bringing it to our attention! :)

The truth is that Annette is

The truth is that Annette is on top of everything and puts up with a lot from me! She has to remind me, catch my errors, be patients with my questions. The thing is that Heaven's archivist is a magnificent left brain person dealing with a right-brain one (me!). Annette is holding up very well! Together we would be the perfect person. If Annette has taught herself, she has really taught herself well. It is amazing what she has done for the archives.

Thanks to Annette, Heavenletters are numbered in correct sequence! That is something I wasn't able to do!

Sure, I give Annette titles but she takes all the responsibility. She sends me the untitled Heavenletters one at a time, and thanks me for deciding on a title. She is the one handing the HL to me. I have the easy part. Just think of a title, send it back to Annette, and then she does things with it.

Annette has done a special thing now, too, where I can easily check to make sure that a title hasn't already been used. I notice that, in the past, I had used the same title sometimes five times! For Annette and Heaven Admin, that's not a good thing to do for the ultimate success of Heavenletters on the search engines

I really feel like I'm Annette's and Santhan's assistant. They're the key ones keeping Heavenletters going.Unsung heroes they are.

None of us heavenreaders may

None of us heavenreaders may ever be able to accurately assess just how much work goes into all of this, Annette. But it's clearly brimming with love and commitment. Adorable.