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Heaven Sutras 1 thru 10

My dearest Gloria,
I tried to call the other day but the number you gave me wasn't working. I wanted to tell you in person that from the first Sutra (Heaven Sutra #1 Surprise of Love) these Heavenletters have reminded me of the Bhagavad Gita where Arjuna has a conversation with Krishna. Until the Holy Spirit led me to the Course In Miracles this ancient text was always one of my favorites.
I too wrestled with my Self about going to war in Viet Nam. I felt God's presence with me during a great deal of that journey and I was the best soldier I could possibly be. I was saved from certain death many times by listening to my Inner Voice. I was even healed from blindness while there on my 2nd tour. (I had 3) So many miracles. And they continue. I believe you and God have taken the whole Heavenletters readership to a completely new level of consciousness. Thank you and thank you Dear God for publishing your conversation to help us all achieve a better understanding of God's love for us all. We are ever grateful. All my love, David