Heaven News October 8, 2008

Opening God Quote

To Me, you are like a flower that I lovingly water every day. Every day I see how you are growing, and how your petals open and how your roots grow deeper into My heart. I see you blossom, and I see your leaves reach to the sun, and I lift you to Me. I whisper tributes in your ear. I love every underleaf of you. My heart flip-flops in joy as I look at you and watch you grow and see how you turn this way and that to follow the sun and to follow Me.

HEAVEN #2864 The Momentum of Love

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New subscribers from all over the world and U.S

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Angels Who Spread Heavenletters -- how far it goes, nobody knows

Fyodor, originally from the Ukraine, and now a physician in the UK founded a site to promote the spiritual. Fyodor is a long-time subscriber to Heavenletters, and he invited us to post Heavenletters every day.
Berit from Italy, who does so much for Heavenletters, is posting a Heavenletter for us there every day. Thanks, Berit. Thanks, Fyodor. www.spiritualevents.net What are you taking a photo of, Fyodor!

Helping Fydor is Dipali http://www.spheresofessence.com/

And Nico is the webmaster for Spiritual Events. Nico, where is your photo! www.nicoritsche.com

People come across Heavenletters in so many ways! Do you remember Panos Aximakaros, Heaven’s publisher from Greece? -- he and Monica Visan, our publisher from Romania, invited me on a whirlwind tour of Greece, Germany, and Romania two years ago this Christmas. What a time I had!

Well, Panos had read Pete Koerner’s book, The Belief Formula, the Secret to Unlocking the Power of Prayer http://www.thebeliefformula.com and was interested in publishing Pete’s book. So, Pete went to the internet to learn more about Panos and found Heavenletters. And now Pete and Jenn, his webmaster and wife, subscribe. The nicest people come to Heavenletters.

In addition, Pete, has already written a great entry about Heavenletters in his blog! It is a GREAT entry. It made me sit up and notice. You’ll find it here: http://www.exploreexpandevolve.com/ Many thanks, Pete.

Anco, Heaven’s newest Dutch translator, introduced Heavenletters to a Dutch site www.snoedel.punt.nl Anco kindly asked this site to post Heavenletters, and they are posting Heavenletters in English with a link to the Dutch translations just under the general link !! Thanks, Anco, and thanks to the people at Snoedel who are so generously bringing Heavenletters out to the world.

Please know there are many others who have been posting Heavenletters from the beginning, and we don’t forget you. We are so grateful.

I found a whole bunch of Heaven videos on Mefeedia.com. What a nice surprise! http://www.mefeedia.com/tags/heavenletters/

A Message from Heaven Admin

Dear Heavenreaders,

Annette, Heaven’s archivist, has manually added over 2000 Heavenletters to database, carefully ensuring that they are numbered and dated correctly. All these Heavenletters on the website are attracting many many new readers from all over the world. Thank you, Annette, for your stellar work!

Every Heavenletter in the numbered series has been added to this website. You can search by title, published number and content.

Here is the title index: http://www.heavenletters.org/alpha-index
Here are the Heavenletters by date: http://www.heavenletters.org/heavenletter-archives.html
And you already know you can search for Heavenletters on this page http://www.heavenletters.org/heaven-letters.html , by title and number.

The Cosmic Generator here: http://www.heavenletters.org/gods-cosmic-loveletters-universe.html now has more Heavenletters to select for your divine moment!

Soon we will be publishing Heaven Sutras, talks that Gloria had with God in her daily Godwriting before Heavenletters were numbered. These are precious and go back to before 1999. There are over 700 Heaven Sutras!

Stay tuned in to Heaven!

Oceans of Love

Sascha, New Member of Heaven Team

Sascha lives in The Netherlands, but he grew up in Yugoslavia, and he is translating Heavenletters into Yugoslavian. Sascha is an ICT specialist with lots of responsibility in his sixty-hour work week and asks to do more and more for Heavenletters. Sascha is also taking over downloading pictures to the Godwriting blog and Reader Comments on the web site. He, along with Marlene and Mary Josephine, will also be making divine Heaven YouTube presentations. Sascha is tireless in his service to God.

Thank you, Sascha, and all the translators, all the designers of Youtube presentations, the one archivist, the creative director and business manager, and all the Heavenreaders! God bless you.

New Youtube Presentations and 2 New Designers

Thanks, Marlene. And now Mary Josephine and soon Sascha!

You are dauntless!

Here are new videos since last Heaven News. Wait until you see these!

'Move On, Beloveds, Move On (Heavenletter#2798)

'A Gift of Light' (Heavenletter #2831)

The Sourced and Goal of All Love (Heavenletter #2556)

All Glory to God (Heavenletter#2771)

In the Sunlight of Your Thoughts (Heavenletter#2100)

A Gift of Light (Heavenletter#2831) English

A Gift of Light (Heavenletter#2831) Dutch

A Gift of Light (Heavenletter#2831) German

A Gift of Light (Heavenletter#2831) Italian

Al Diaz and co-host Santhan Naidoo - "Business and Spirituality"

Al Diaz
Tune in on Sunday, November 2nd at 11am Pacific time to hear Al Diaz ( http://www.thetitusconcept.com/ ) and co-host Santhan Naidoo (Heaven Admin) share their insights on "Business and Spirituality as One".

Visit http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Ilumine-Ao to listen.

You can also call in on this number +1 (347) 826-7680 and ask questions.

Listen in by phone or computer and also communicate with Al and Santhan by phone or through the computer. For the computer, register here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Ilumine-Ao

Come to the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Form and the Blog!

Thank you, Heavenreaders, for your support!

Here is a little story to tell you:

Someone who gave a generous donation this month wrote:

“....( I get a little shy here...) : Just accept in gratitude and use it in whatever way it benefits the purposes of the work with the Heavenletters. Have a beautiful day in abundance!”

Then he emailed again the next day:

‘In relation to the donation -- I just found a gigantic pumpkin in my garden. I check every day. The pumpkin was not there yesterday !!! Well, I guess it goes by the Hat! I gave in advance and God provided me with a good laugh !!!’
We make no guarantees that a pumpkin will grow overnight in your garden! Nor that God will give you a good laugh! What is guaranteed is our sincere appreciation and assurance that your donations will be put to good use to spread the light of Heavenletters.

There were some very generous contributors this month. You know who you are. Thank you.

And here is where to find the story of By the Hat. http://www.heavenletters.org/hat.html

Heavenletters are given to us , and we are most privileged to share them.

Paypal allows you to contribute any amount to Heaven using your Paypal account or a debit/credit card. Gracias!

Dear Heavenreaders,

You all are so welcome. God blesses us with you.

With love,

On behalf of the Spectacular Heaven Team

Ending God Quote:

Sew new stitches into the robe of the world!
HEAVEN #2866 Find Another Window

The Gold you place in my heart

Darling Gloria:

That first you tube put God's Gold in my heart! Thanks dear one!

George, turning golden

I know dearest Gloria :o) I

I know dearest Gloria :o) I know :o)

I never stop do I. I am out f breath. It`s a fast game this or come to think of it reality. A fairytale story of real life that was impossible for me to foresee. A progress out of my control all together. Yes all together... There are so many wonderful and special people in this wonderful world of ours, in fact everyone... I don`t want to or need to take the attention away from others. I am happy to observe and participate in a group of people. That makes me happy. I went to a parents meeting at school about a week ago. I could hardly believe what I heard. The principal of our new school here in Son and the teachers. It sounds so promising, so conscious, so full of hope. It makes me shaky and full of tears just writing this now. There really is hope for the future of our children. You see, Human Beings know themselves how to BE peace.We already know all of us.) But with a raised consciousness we will rise above as a Human Race, individually and collectively :o) Hello Gloria :o) No red carpets, just ordinary, everyday, natural life with myself and others :o) you are funny

I would like to feel, see and hear " handicapped Human Beings Being released of their handicaps. I want to see them everywhere so that they don`t feel handicapped anymore. Am I handicapped Gloria? Well, maybe I am come to feel it. I would like to experience Human Beings everywhere, on TV, on the radio, in the newspapers, in the magazines. I would like for everyone to experience their mighty resources. No-one are to be hidden away. Loving and compassionate dignity and value for everyone.

Lot`s of overwhelming love to you too Gloria for Being such a wonderful supportive Human Being...

Yes :o) I know Gloria :o) I was just worried that I would be handicapped and that I wouldn`t be able to walk again. I have had my experience on crutches in more than one sense of the word, both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.... Yes all of me really... But I have come to trust God more than .. well what can I say - nothing more really...

Hello Gloria :o) This is OK

Hello Gloria :o)

This is OK too. It doesn`t have to be in a certain way. Does it.

Nice day to you too.