Heaven News 1 May 2007

Welcome, New Subscribers from 26 Countries since last Heaven News

South Africa
United Kingdom
The Netherlands
New Zealand

Welcome, New Subscribers from 31 States in U.S.

California, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Illinois, Indiana, Nevada, New York, Arizona, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Washington, Texas, Virginia, Florida, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Georgia, Alabama, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Iowa, Utah, Tennessee, Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Maryland
It is always a thrill when new subscribers come to Heavenletters. With each subscriber, the Heavens open up a little more. Maybe the joy we get from each new subscriber is God's way of saying Thank you to all of us.
Now with the new Heaven web site, so carefully thought out and developed by Khanyi Media, and given to all of us as a lasting gift, we're ready for an avalanche of new subscribers. God bless Heaven's subscribers.

The Big News is Heaven's New Website

A little bit about the Heavenletters website...

There is a user-friendly forum - We're going to put smiley's in for your posting pleasure.

Posts are threaded... ...so when the author of a post replies, his reply shows in a different colour (blue). You may reply to a comment or the original post and your replies will be threaded to what you are replying to. This way we all know who's saying what to whom. Go try it out.

Write Heavenletter comments directly under the Heavenletter. - Try it out for today's Heavenletter. Your beautiful comments can now appear directly below each published Heavenletter. When a Heavenletter stirs you to write, please give it a go.

Profile pages - Post a pic of yourself doing a headstand and write something interesting about life for all to see when they click your name.

Reader comments...with pics - When you have an impulse to tell the world how wonderful Heavenletters are, don't send us an email, post it on the site instead! Here's the latest comments featuring Baba.

100% dynamic - For such dynamic readers, a dynamic site was built. This means the site is constantly changing and can be flexed to suit your liking, so let us know. Being dynamic, it's also a whole lot easier to maintain and use.

100% compliant - Every single page is standards compliant and is built to be readable across most operating systems and web browsers...let us know if you its not working for you.

100% user friendly - Well, it has to be! If it does not serve you, what's the point. We used big fonts that you can adjust, clear links and site menus.

Now, for it to work, you may have to learn to be a friendly user! To be a friendly user...make friends with the site. It may take getting used to, and you may find a few things odd, but be assured, it's all been carefully carefully thought out...not just by professionals, but by professionals who really love you. So long as there is a chance we can please everyone, we want to try, so let us know.

Search Engine - So you can find what you're looking for quick.

Internationalisation - Enterprise level translation management so Heavenletters can be read in other languages and be translated online by the most amazing translation team.

Pretty and fun - Who said spiritual isn't interesting' Not us. God is cool.
There's a lot more that can be written about the new Heavenletter website. Most of it might bore you. So I'll close by saying this...when we moved the site to its live location, there was a shift in the consciousness of our planet. I felt it. Close your eyes for a sec, and see if you feel it too. All of us together are opening a huge doorway to change.

One Love,
Mojah Media || Khanyi Corporation

Welcome, New Translators

Stefan from Germany is the third translator to volunteer to translate Heavenletters into German. And now Jana from Montana, the editor of the I AM A MIRACLE books, has started translating Heavenletters into French. Welcome, Jana and Stefan.

I think new translators come the same way that Godwriting itself does. There is an impulse, and suddenly the impulse becomes irresistible. There is nothing you can do about it but give in and translate! We’re so grateful to all the translators, and cordially invite more Heavenreaders to translate Heavenletters into their native tongue.

Presently there are eighteen great volunteers who have been translating Heavenletters into eleven great languages. 18 Translators! 11 Languages!

4 Websites and 1 Print Magazine

Lady Isis: Not only does Lady Isis include entire Heavenletters in her daily newsletter that goes out to so many, she also features many Heavenletters on her website every month.

www.pathwayswithin.com gives a beautiful rendition of Heavenletters in their superb e-zine. Sorry, I misplaced the link that would take you to an example of beautifully-executed Heavenletters.

PlanetLightworker.com considers Heavenletters a regular column, and include Heavenletters on their website in their most professional illustrated ezine. http://www.planetlightworker.com/articles/gloriawendroff/article28.php

With unconditional love, Selfgrowth.com promotes web sites. My experience is that Selfgrowth does everything right. Whatever your website is about, be sure to check out www.selfgrowth.com

For a long time, The Way of the Heart,a slick paper magazine with subscribers all over the world has included a Heavenletter in each issue. Now their magazine has expanded its name to Christ Consciousness, The Way of the Heart. For their first issue, they are including a Heavenletter that hasn’t come out yet. It is HEAVEN #2352 Offer Your Heart May 4, 2007. It is my understanding that this organization is also creating a hub for all spiritual sites. www.wayoftheheart.net

Keynote Speaker

Alice Woodman R.N., C.M.H., Reiki Master, Rev wrote:

I have been receiving Heavenletters for quite a long time now, and find them a wonderful way to start my day.

I also do many workshops, and often have found part or all of the letters as a perfect meditational opening for the groups.

I will be the keynote speaker at Mid-Coast Hospital Holistic Heath Fair in Bath, Maine, on Friday, June 8. For this event, I would like to use, with your permission, HEAVEN #2332 Exquisite Miracles April 14, 2007as a part of my presentation.

Sincerely, Alice

Does anyone doubt that we said Yes!

Heaven’s dear friend, Bernie Siegel, M.D., Author, also has quoted Heavenletters at medical conferences.

Godwriting Blog

Take a look at Heaven’s blog: www.godwriting.org

Some of the recent entries that I recommend (I wrote them!) are:

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A Questionaire for You - This is a must! Please take questionaire!

Heaven Quotes

“Be surprised as much as you are certain.”

HEAVEN #2321 You Are on a Cruise April 3, 2007

God said come get Me
I do not play hard to get
Steal Me from Heaven

Heaven Haiku

Dear Heavenreaders,

We are so glad you are here.
May all your dreams come true.
May we know peace on Earth.

With love and blessings,

Gloria and the Spectacular Heaven Team

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