Heart and Whim Are Not the Same

God said:

Sometimes it isn't easy to know the difference between your heart and whim. You want to feed your heart always but not your whims always. Whims are frosting. Your heart is the cake.

Frosting is good, but in proportion to the cake.

By whim I mean you want something the way you want it perhaps for no other reason than that's the way you like it, even when the whim may be to your detriment rather than advantage. When you can't listen to anything or anyone else, probably that's when you are hearing whim loud. When you are spending more than you earn, probably whim is at work. Having the newest model of something is probably more whim than utility.

It is wise to have a rose on your desk for a rose reminds you of the eternal beauty in life. You may prefer to have a rose rather than eat a sandwich. That is your choice. That is fine. That is a decision that is yours to make. But sometimes it behooves you to put whim aside. Sometimes you seem unable to put whim aside easily. Other times you cannot or are unaware that whim is involved or that you have a choice.

When it comes to whim, often you are making unconscious choices. You are holding on to something. You are acting under compulsion rather than choice, as if there is something you must have in order to live. You are desperate for it, even though your life is hardly dependent upon it.

Listening does not mean obeying. It just means listening. Listen for clues in the universe that turn a page in your life. Whim often keeps life the same as it was, keeping it in place, when life is really to move on in.

Giving in to whims does not usually further your security. It may well perpetuate your insecurity. You want elegance which is fine. But you perhaps have chosen elegance over harmony. The table set with fine china and silver deserves to be a table where peace and harmony reign. Better to set a table with plastic and have harmony. Better to have harmony than the most exquisite table setting in the world. But you already know that.

Whims sometimes cater to status. Sometimes you go after a whim only to find that it is not a dream come true. Sometimes whims are merely patterns that you repeat. Sometimes whims are short-sighted. Sometimes they feed ego.

There is such a fine line between being good to yourself and strengthening your ego. This is not something you must think overmuch about, beloveds. You want to live life without too much thinking. But notice when you are on automatic. Pay attention. Automatic isn't the same as spontaneous. Automatic repeats itself. Let go more than you hold on.

When you are spontaneous, you are responsible to the present rather than the past. When you are spontaneous, you are not attached. Whims are often a kind of attachment to an idea which may not hold much reward for you. Free yourself from attachment.

Addictions may be considered whims that have taken over your life. You have given them far much more power than they merit and than you deserve. You deserve to be free. You do not deserve to be held back.

I bless you and offer you My heart. I have no whims. I have love.