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A Great Start to 2008

If I wanted to make up a dream New Year's Day, the one yesterday could have been it.

First, thirty (30) new subscribers arrived! That's pretty close to our all-time record. And there's still a whole bunch more coming in. This could be one of those mysteries, and we may never know where they all came from. I do have a suspicion, however.

A beautiful spiritual soul who also happens to be a heavy metal musician posted some Heavenletters on his blog on My Space. The response on his forum was incredible. Read about Lance King, Voice of Metal, on the Godwriting blog:

I'll come back and put up the link to his blog here.Right now I'm afraid I'll lose everything I've typed if I leave this entry.

How did Lance hear of Heavenletters? From his good friend Darlene who posts on the forum as Yellow Car. Not only did Darlene do that, she did a whole lot more. I trust Darlene will tell you herself.

Also on New Year's day, Mary Josephine started making Heavenletter e-cards. Hurray! Mary already posted about this on this forum. Find it on the Community Page.

I won't tell you I sit here, not doing anything. I do a lot. But the blessings and miracles of Heavenletters come from God and from God through other people. It sure seems like I sit here, and delightful angels heap gifts to the world.

So beautiful Gloria! Its

So beautiful Gloria! Its the Heaven Letter-Heavy Metal connection proving everyone has a heart. My favorite HM group is still Metallica! And to shift topic a bit...hooray for todays heavenletter (1-2-08) is my favoritist so far even though I have said that before. Thanks again sweetie for all that you are and all that you do. Jimi.

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