God Is Waiting

God said:

Begin somewhere. It doesn’t matter so much where. It matters that you begin.

“Begin what?” you may ask.

It matters that you begin. Do you not have piles of plans for what you want to take care of? Just take one of those plans and do it. Strike it off the list in your mind.

Every thought you carry of what is undone plagues you. Even as you are used to carrying such thoughts around, repeating them day after day, taking the thought as a matter of course, still the undone weighs you down. Whether it is picking something up at the store, writing a letter or a check, mailing a package, or something greater like giving out love, wait not another moment. Start it now. Today is not even good enough. Now is good enough.

How long does it really take for you to be with one less item on your mind?

Save your mind for that which gives you delight. Will you not be delighted when you have accomplished at least one thing on your mind’s list?

Even the matters that you really like to do, you may have put off. The sooner you do something, beloveds, the happier you are. If you have to do what you want to do in steps, then do it in steps. If you want to plant a garden, look at where you want to plant. Have an idea of what plants you want to plant. If that’s all you can do about it today, you have begun. You have taken that initial breath that puts you into the realm of doing. If you can also go to the plant place today, go there. Look around. Get a feeling. If you can pick out the plants you want to plant, pick them out. If you can buy them today, buy them. If you can plant them today, plant them. Do you see how once you start, how easy it is to finish? Why, it is nothing at all but doing what you want to do.

And when it comes to things you don’t want to do, you do want to be done with them. You don’t want to mow the yard? Think of how good you will feel when it’s done. And, beloveds, you may find that you do enjoy mowing the grass. Getting started was an obstacle, not the mowing itself. Just as you have to start the motor of the lawn mower, so do you have to start your own motor.

Although I am the Doer, you do for Me. It is possible that I could send someone to mow your yard, yet, of course, you don’t wait for that. Perhaps you are My starter, beloveds. It’s possible that I see you getting out there, and, by your initiative, you motivate Me! It is good to wait for no man and not even Me, for I may be waiting for you.

The ball is always in your court.

So what will you start today? That is all I ask of you, that you begin by taking a step. One step leads to another. Whatever is hanging over you is much less as you begin. And so I ask you to begin now. I suppose making a list is a beginning, yet I am not talking about making a list. I am talking about your getting out of your chair, perhaps away from the computer, and getting into action.

This is not the first time you have heard, “Do it now.” Now you tell yourself, and now you begin.

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2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

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