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German HL Video

"If you are part of a Youtube presentation and you were not yet mentioned in Heaven News, please let us know. It would be my mistake, and I would like to make up for it. So please tell me."

Hello dear Gloria!

In response to the above request, I just wanted to let you know, that Stefan did a German translation for us a little while ago, which I don't think you have mentioned in your newsletters, so I thought I'd just mention it here.

It was a German translation of: 'The Source and Goal of All Love' ~ HL #2556
and here is the link to view it...

Anco has very kindly sent me a Dutch translation too, which I still have to make. I shall let you know when that one is completed.

Love & hugs
Mary :)


Thanks so much, dear Mary.

Thanks so much, dear Mary. God bless you.