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Dear all and Canim Gloria,

Gandi is one my favorite films as well. Very touchy, very real and teaching one :thumbup: .

On the otherhand I have just, just, just watched a movie and I fell in love with this one :wub: .It is amazing and actually I did not know that in Holywood or Bollywood or any part of the world these kind of movies are ever being shot.

As you know due to my flue, nowadays, mostly I have been liying down on a sofa and watching TV with my cats. Today I have been doing the same thing and accedentally I have found a movie called "OH GOD!", in one of those channels.

I think every member of the Heavenletter family should watch it. (Maybe everybody has already watched it, because it is a bit old one, dated 1977. ) But anyway I just want to share my amazement and happiness and admiration etc...

Within this movie, there is a guy, a father of 2 kids, a husband and a asst. manager in a Supermarket chain - called FOOD WORLD. So ironic isn't it? But every minute of this movie is ironic and touchy and very smart. Yes, one day, God begins to talk with that guy. And the show begins...

I do not want to tell the whole story, you should watch it!! But anyway he has a great great great difficulty to convince the people (including her family) that God talks to him.

People are used to saying that God does not love them, does not help them and they can talk about these complaints very easily; at the same time they can not belive that God is able to pick some people and talk to them directly.

This movie is really fantastic and I will order its DVD via internet and watch it couple of times more... :thumbup:



There is another must-see

There is another must-see old movie. It is called something like:
The Gods Must Be Laughing.

This has to be one of my all-time favorite movies.

Gloria, could it be "The

Gloria, could it be "The Gods Must Be Crazy"?
It too, is a clasic that is hilarious and can be watched over and over again!

Enjoy! :big

Yes, you are right! That is

Yes, you are right! That is the name.

Thank you!

Yes very dears, I saw that

Yes very dears, I saw that one, THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY, some years ago, actually I was quite young that time and I can not remember the theme clearly. But it was a fun as well :thumbup:

I too loved the movie "Oh

I too loved the movie "Oh God", Engin!.... and it is funny too!
Saw it when it appeared in 1977 and saw it more than once. Did you know, that there is also a sequel? I forgot the title, but the same actor in it. George Burns (God) is a famous comedian and lived to be 100 years old.

Wishing you a good recovery and perfect health,



Dear Xenia,

I agree with you, that movie - "Oh God" reveals a very delecate sense of humor too. :big

Yes, I think it has 2 more episodes as well. I really fell in love with this movie :thumbup:

Gorge Burns's performans was amazing as well. On the other hand there are two more movies about which I want to share my opinion: THANK HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!

1) The Lord of War : very touchy, realistic, brave and good movie about trade in arms. The performance of Nicholas Cage is brilliant.

2) Thank you for smoking : Funny but dramatic and touchy movie about Tobacco trade, smoking, cigarettes..The performance of Aaron Eckert is excellent and within both movies work of the directors are really great.

It is so nice sharing with you - around the CAMP FIRE.


Engin Zeyno