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as inspired by and in honor of, Maria

We are friends, You and I
Vibrantly Alive
So let us let no lie
Of past held pain
Of joy not being our way
This Truth
Nigher than nigh

We are friends, My Self and Yours
I Am
As You
Eternally born
You Are
As I
That neither time nor distance
Can hide nor deny

You and I are friends
To the end
And there is no end
From the beginning
And if no ending
When and where did we begin?
In the Heart of Hearts
Within Infinite Mind, Divine
We Are...Friends

Copyright © Michael Mayer 2007

OH, MY GOD!!!! Pinch me! Is

OH, MY GOD!!!! Pinch me! Is this real? Santa Claus left me a present! It is one of the best presents I've ever got! I know I had asked something about friendship, but I didn't expect it neither so soon nor in such a perfect way!

Mike............ I don't really know how to thank you.....I'm speechless. It is A*B*S*O*L*U*T*E*L*Y beautiful! You can't imagine how grateful I am to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I kiss your hands in gratefulness.

You are one of the most enlightened beings I've ever met. Is it a coincidence that your name is Michael? (He is my favourite Angel. I have a special connection with Him.)

Mike,please know that I mean it. I don't know you, but I admire you. The one doesn't countermand the other. I pride myself on always being a successful "talent scout" :big That means I can always spot a unique gem and it is a great joy that you are here and we met. Blessed to meet you!

You know why I admire you? Because you vibrate like a yogi. You are so free from the widespread illusion. Your writing reminds us of the Truth. Thank you so much for reminding me who I am and who you are my dear, new friend! Namaste! I love you!

Maria from Greece

Maria, i cherish your

Maria, i cherish your reply....u make me feel very special...we are all special in so many ways that we don't give ourselves credit for...and in knowing and sharing our connectedness we partake in a very sacred type of prayer...ohhh, like all as well i have my fears, my doubts, but the beauty is that the fear and doubt doesn't hold me...i/we hold it...and to let it thank it for it's teachings and to move on to the next adventure...Thank You for Being You...dear openheart...Ty for being my friend...isn't this site great:) and so are U...until the next sharing...michael:)

Dearest Michael, I don't

Dearest Michael, I don't know if I have ever read such beautiful lines. I am quite amazed, it's wonderful! It seems to me like a most beautiful divine concert of delicate and soft music. What wonderful soul you are! Many many thanks!

All my love

p.s. "as inspired by and in honor of, Maria" <--- so beautiful and sweet, Maria, it's really like Christmas for you! Love and blessings!

Mike, is a grand angel that

Mike, is a grand angel that we are all happy to meet! It's no coincidence that we met each other here, Berit! You are a grand angel too! If you weren't, you wouldn't appreciate the light in Mike's words.

I'm so happy that I met you both! I see, this gathering of souls in this forum as an answer to our asking. We didn't run into each other by sheer coincidence. There is order in the universe!



Ty Berit...truth be known, i

Ty Berit...truth be known, i often feel as if i have a learning disability in this world, this life...there are many things i try to learn but can't seem to get, or perhaps i don't give myself credit, and often because of this fear, many things i don't try...<----mike's human side :) ....and i'm often confused with human love, romantic love and this, along with an deep love and understanding of spirituality, plays right into my capricorn sign of a wise man and a fool...but i'm a good man who loves nature and animals and childrden and am appreciative of friends and people like u all and grateful for the ability to open up to, receive and perceive the esoteric, as it were...i was very inspired as a youth by Kahlil Gibran, most notably the author of the Prophet...and i loooooove Emmanuel and His/Her three books and the course in miracles and a course of love and many more along those lines including of course, this site...i'm rambling but just wanted to express to u and all more of all of any rate, blessings and thanks for your kind words....they make me smile and bubble up with joy...mike:)

Mike, the more of yourself

Mike, the more of yourself you give us, the more we want. This is not bubble-talk. I mean it. You are the first Lightworker I meet with such a Christ-like aura. We all are God with special gifts to offer but Your special gift is very uncommon. How shall I put it? ....You make people feel at ease! You are very homely and divine at the same time. In a nutshell, you are the male-Oprah! :big (that was a joke!)

You were very vague about your "learning disability". Maybe my english couldn't help me to understand. Can you please elaborate on that a little, if it's not stretching your limits? What do you mean when you say "There are many things I try to learn but I can't seem to get, or perhaps I don't give myself credit, and often because of this fear, many things I don't try". That was a puzzle for me! What does Mike mean? What thing fear doesn't let him try?

By the way, people, have you watched the "Secret"? Mike, told me about that movie. GOD BLESS HIM!
This film was the answer to my prays! I'll write about it in the Books and DVDs topic. Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides and all the non-physical "gang" must be "treading on air" with the success of this film. Ok, all the films are guided from the Spirit but this one, is Spirit talking "out front". This is a angelic-seminar put in a dvd. I'm so glad we live in this time, when such films can reach the masses.

Love from Greece!


Hey, Mike, I forgot to thank you for Emmanuel! I'll google his/her name and find out more about him/her. Thanks so much for being a living library for me! I'm so grateful...

Maria you are very

Maria you are very cool...thanks for welcoming me in such profound ways:) as far my "learning disability"...sometimes it's my fear to try something new that limits me and poses as a learning disability...sometimes it's me not interested in something that makes me not concentrate so well...sometimes it's nothing at all but an old habit of belittling myself...sometimes it's freedom :) to not have to clutter my mind with information that i "need" "in order to become" someone...for I Am, We Are, already someone....perhaps this isn't making sense and i know i'm not being too specific but....sometimes i feel as if someone with a lessened sense that because of that lessened sense has a Heightened Sense in another sister once said, "life is a series of tradeoffs" which i found a bit limiting but in a way its true...we can only do so many things at a time, we have to pick and choose and i guess what i call a learning disability is me choosing to live on the fringes of the world, to make a living and all that, but to journey more within than in the outer...this is my favorite adventure...again, sorry for lack of specifics but this is the best i could do...loving u for who u are and loving this group...i feel so at HOME! :) here with u all...mike:)

Hi, angel Mike! Everything

Hi, angel Mike!

Everything is clear now. I can see what you mean.
As long as you choose consciously to live on the fringes on the world, this is not a problem! Society may think it is and label it as "learning disability", but who cares about what the majority thinks? We are sent from the Central Sun to bust the widespread rules, open the mental cages and teach people how to be masters of their lives!

You took the path less traveled, as all of us here did and you had some rough time up to this point. The path gives a lot of rewards but takes a heavy toll, too. Anyway, the end is coming closer. Soon, the path will be a highway for the masses and all the hardship and the complaints will be a far distant memory.



a second reply...Maria, it's

a second reply...Maria, it's been said and i think it true...we are often more afraid, not of darkness, but of the light...because in the light there is seen a responsibility that needs to take place re: personal power...a following through...i once took an outward bound course (a hiking, backpacking outer/inner soul-search, vision-quest kind of thing) that helped me in following through...another thing is true...not to put too much emphasis in the past for Now is the place of power but i've been told of times that i've been tortured and killed in past lives, i.e. christians ripped out my heart because as a Druid Priestess i wouldn't convert and stuck to my guns re:All being One and then another time i didn't divulge information re: the whereabouts of Joan of Arc and was likewise killed but this time with a spear in the heart and i've been told that these have much to do with my experiencing heart pain within human love relationships and that many in general don't follow through, fall into limiting habitual patterns for the fear held in our dna that if we do speak our truth we'll be killed...i've also read that in general we all have a general separation anxiety that stems from being taken from the womb that makes us not trust so much and we hide are love within our heart for fear that if we open up it'll be taken again from i'm really windy, off on a tangent, "out there"...just throwing a few more thoughts out there re:personal stuff and our collective we :) michael

Michael (I love your name!)

Michael (I love your name!) ,

You are a very well-read person, but be careful what you put your attention on! The past can be healed and changed. We can ask Ascended Masters to take care of this DNA and karma transmutation and help us go on with our lives. Why not be as simple as that? I know I'm too down-to-earth but these travels back in the past, don't help me feel like a strong and happy creator.

Now, as for the separation anxiety. Yes, you're so right. We all have to some extent this fear of separation and abandonment, that's why we trust only a few people. But what if we are wrong? I like to challenge and contradict myself! What if we trust people a little bit more and open up our hearts? What will happen then? We cannot run out of love! If someone hurts our feelings, we can turn the other cheek, ignore their acts and move on to our quest for like-minded and open-hearted friends. I've tested this because I found you this way! :thumbup:



"You are a very well-read

"You are a very well-read person, but be careful what you put your attention on! The past can be healed and changed. We can ask Ascended Masters to take care of this DNA and karma transmutation and help us go on with our lives. Why not be as simple as that? I know I'm too down-to-earth but these travels back in the past, don't help me feel like a strong and happy creator."

Maria, You and Berit and everyday's Heavenletters challenge me to be the best and this is the kind of learning i love...i would say re:past lives that most definately u r right...and to take this further, our last minute or hour or day was our past life and how often do we call upon these to form our opinions or lives? to me it's the same, now is now is now, but if we can observe without being stuck, if we can look at without being the judge, then the past is our teacher as's a balance for sure and maybe healing is overrated as we concentrate on certainly do write wonderfully yourself as well...blessings...mike

Dearest Michael, there are

Dearest Michael,
there are really a lot of things which I don't know anything about, so just simply I wanted to tell you a few words. I did read with much interest what you wrote. You are right saying that the past is the past, what matters is now. I too think that we go through infinite lives, but I havn't really too much interest in the past because I think it's important to do my best now.
I try to stay connected to love, to God, to real love, not attachment, not ego, not wishes, just love, love of God, love to whom surrounds me because we are all one and we are all on this journey called life. we are here to help each other I think, because today I may be able to be of some assistance to someone, maybe only by smiling or giving a hug, maybe tomorrow I am the one in need of a smile or hug.
I think you are right about patterns, patterns about ourselves as well as all our relationships, I think and I try to get over patterns with love, love, love.
Certainly we all have separation anxiety as you say, I have felt it very intensly in certain moments of my live, but I try to remember that this is my perception of things. It is a wrong perception when I feel separated or lonely, because divine love is the essence of the whole creation, it's always there, whithin, around ecc. what changes is my perception, my feeling this love in my heart or not which can change. so, to me, staying connected is staying safe in the arms of God and looking at Him.
May God bless, guide und protect you each moment,
all my love

well spoken Berit...very

well spoken Berit...very touching...very heartfelt and kind and easy on the ears and eyes, heart and's a balance and a fine line in life between thinking on things and being heavy, between having a good time and not being superficial, between helping and knowing all as beyond need of help, the same goes for receiving as simplify everything in your writings honestly, in sharing, caring and integrity of spirit...Blessings to you in the same...Blessing, is your Name...michael

Dearest Mike, what I really

Dearest Mike,
what I really feel in my heart about all that you share with us is indeed that "you are a good man who loves nature and animals and children ....." I too have my human side, as we all, and I don't always love this side much. Spirituality is not just words, it's life, it's everyday life. I try to live it at my best but there's much to learn and to achieve.
I too did read the Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, it goes really deep inside our hearts and soul, I love this one. Heavenletters are wonderful, so glad I have found them, they help me to stay closely connected to what I long for.
So what I'd really like to tell you is that I love all that you share with us, I would not be able to play with words in the fantastic and loving way you do it, the more I love reading yours!!!!
A dear hug to you Mike, many thanks for sharing this most lovely side of your heart with us!!!!
Love and blessings to you dear

TY once again Berit...words

TY once again Berit...words are often so limiting to express, but you really make me feel at home, amongst family and friends...i love openess and sharing and appreciate these qualities in what i have read from you and Maria and Daisy and all here are oh so beautiful...a big shout out and hug and smile to Gloria for allowing for this grace to take place...thnks Berit for reminding me of love, of Oneness in our everday experience...mike :)

Dear neighbour from

Dear neighbour from Milano,

You are so right! Spirituality is not just words, it's our everyday life. It's walking the talk and being in attunement with your convictions every minute , whether you think or act or speak. You have to be a Master all of the time. To see beyond the illusion,to feel the invisible connection between you and the other people, to feel free,healthy,strong and happy, to stay high, to feel the power of your thoughts and words, to treat yourself as God, to treat others as God....



Dear Maria, all that you say

Dear Maria,
all that you say is the what I'm aiming at, because I feel it's the right thing/path, but I don't succeed in living up to it as I'd wish. Huh:
See, ... still at school doing exams and trying to get an "A". ;)
Have a nice day :big
All my love

You're still at school? Oh,

You're still at school? Oh, my God! You sound so wise, I thought you were a pensioner! :big You're an old soul, Berit!

Focus on the end result, feel your eyes actually seeing "A" before you, know with certainty it's coming and study everyday as much as you can! (You already know the method, because you're a Human Angel but a small reminder here and there won't harm you!)

I'm wishing you all the best, my dear neighbour! All the best! I see you with an "A"!