Feed the Hearts

God said:

You are at an age where you can feed yourself now.

No one is to tell you what I mean to you. No one is to tell you how to find Me. Finding your own awareness of Me is your prerogative. It is your right, and it is your blessing. Do not let anyone water Me down for you. You are as capable of knowing Me for yourself as anyone, as any expert, as any other soul on Earth.

I give Myself to everyone. I do not give more of Myself to anyone. I give all of Myself to everyone. Accept this as Truth. When you can believe this for one minute, what will happen to you and the world? How will you change?

Recipient of My full measure of love, you, aware rather than unaware, become mighty. You cannot grovel nor falter on Earth when you have full awareness of the love I give, have made you of, and which you are.

You have, perhaps, been walking around as an imposter. You thought you were a know-nothing, a vagrant, a beggar for love, one who picks it up where someone tosses it half-used. It is certain that no love is wasted. It is also certain that you are to have more than scraps of love.

And the only thing you have to give, beloveds, is love. You are meant to feed the hearts of those who mistakenly presume that they are unloved and loveless. That is an impossible presumption, yet you are to feed those who imagine they are without. You are to bring love into the world so that there is no mistaking it. And that is all you have to do.

You yourself may, perhaps, have built your life on such an impossibility as lovelessness. If that is the case, now reverse it. Make up for lost time. All the love in the world is in your hands. You are the proponent of it. Whatever your trade, you deal in love. Love is your medium. Nothing else is.

You may think you swim in water, but you swim in love.

You may think you deal in cash, but you deal in love.

You may think you deal in words, but you deal in love.

You are an octopus of love. You have endless arms of love. You have twenty eyes of love. You have a hundred ears of love. Love walks on Earth.

The path you take is love. The pavement under your feet is love. Everyone and everything you meet is love. There is only love that exists. Nothing else can. Anything else is illusion. Hard facts are illusion. Only love is real, and only love is for you. Nothing else is.

You are not too good for love. You are good for love. That is all you are good for. There is nothing else for you to do but love, love with all your heart. There is enough love in your heart for the whole world. Splatter-dash love in the world. Water the world with love. Let the world be your favorite garden. Love it for all you are worth, and you are worth a great deal.

There is no solo when it comes to love. When you love, you are backed by a cast of thousands. You are backed by all the love in Heaven and on Earth. Cast aside anything that is not love, and you will know who you are and what you are doing here, and the world will have your blessing.

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Reading this Heaven Letter,

Reading this Heaven Letter, something comes to mind which I would like to share with you. Perhaps any other Heaven Letter could have triggered this just as well. But now it is this one and I just have to somehow express my joy.

A quote, just two lines:

Nah ist und schwer zu fassen der Gott.
Wo aber Gefahr ist, wächst das Rettende auch.

(Friedrich Hölderlin)

My attempt at translation:

Near is and hard to grasp, God.
But where there is danger there also grows that which saves.


You are an amazing reader of

You are an amazing reader of Heavenletters, Jochen.

Thank you dear Jochen, a

Thank you dear Jochen,

a wonderful Heavenletter and a most wonderful and beautiful posting !! :blushing:

Love and blessings to you ! :Rolleyes:

What lovely waves of

What lovely waves of resonance!

(However, I have to admit I'm a little surprised to receive replies so fast. Is there a place on this site, a place I'm not yet aware of where comments are listed?)

"Out of the abundance of the heart....."

Yes Jochen... On the

Yes Jochen...

On the community page, if you scroll down, there is a list of the latest comments for all to see,
and you just click on any that you want to read, and/or answer.

Love and hugs



Oh, good -- thank you,

Oh, good -- thank you, Mary

Soft waves of finest snow dust. The old pear tree outside my window in its fur of frost. Grey sky turning faintly orange. There may be sunshine today, even down here...

Love, Jochen

What a beautiful picture you

What a beautiful picture you paint Jochen,
but always remember,
that the sun never stops shining ~ it's just that we don't always see it!

May the Light of your inner sun continue to shine in your loving heart, now and always




Oceans and Worlds of Love

The immensity of Love felt by reading this Heaven Letter is beyond measurable, neither can I describe. Dear Gloria and God, this letter has brought tears of Love to my eyes and heart. A wonderful blanket of Love - especially on some of those days when we feel like we are far far away from our true home of Love.

With all the love in my heart, Thank you

Projecting Love

I am joining with others who are projecting love to the earth and every living thing on it.