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In response to today's (12-3-07) heavenletters, I wrote something about fear in response to a comment by Gloria. I thought I would rewrite it here...and maybe something new may emerge that will be helpful for so many people wrestling with fear.

Fear for me used to be a constant companion. I remember way back in about 1976 in fresno, Ca (where i lived at the time), standing on a street corner waiting for a bus...and being in so much fear. Why...the immediate response that comes to me is that people would see me...that people would not like me...that people might say something mean to me...that people would wonder why i was taking the bus...did I not have enough money for a car? Even going to the store and buying something...would the clerk like me?...etc, etc etc. So much crazy, irrational; fears...always present...they would never leave me alone! But vast majority of my fears have withered away. And why? Gosh don't know for sure. I could respond in so many different ways...But the central answer may be this: That somehow, inside...II never gave up on loving God...(although at the time I would just call it Life or Hope or whatever)...Inspite off everything, even though at the time, I didn't really like myself or for that matter few other people..or even God.I still would focus on something that I did like...and that seemed to help. A few years ago, i could honestly say that I began to feel love in my heart...which has increased in frequency and strength until today. seems to be my constant companion...for the most part. On ocassion, I will have a ripple of fear come through me. So what to do? Love it...Not love it to destroy it...but just love it to love GOD WOULD LOVE IT...Does not God love everthing and one? So I do this...or maybe God does this through me. The love feels like it comes through my eyes and my fingers. i love everyone and maybe that sounds silly or stupid or just plain corny...but it is true. If anyone else would like to share about fear and love...they can if they want to. Love you all. Jim and Jimi (Jimi is my inner child)

Sweetest Jim and Jimi, I am

Sweetest Jim and Jimi,

I am learning to accept and embrace fear, different kinds of fear, but I am making good progress and I am happy for this. Whenever I feel some kind of fear coming up I try to relax immediately, I just relax totally and connect to God and my higher self or what ever you will call it, it is surrender and faith, faith that my soul has choosen this experience and therefore I accept it, embrace it and love it, and faith because, whatever can happen to me if I am eternal and eternally in the divine loving arms of God ? Nothing at all. If what happens is His will and my choice at a soul level, well then let's go onto it and see what comes....

as you can see, still at school ..... but now I love this school called life, there were many many times in my past when I did not.

Thanks for all you sharings and endless love and sweet hugs to both !!!


P.S. Sweetest Jimi, would you like to share your thoughts on Christmas with us ? What does it feel like to you ? You have no idea what a blessing you are to us and the good you do us, or have you ???? I think you have ! :wub:

Oh sweet Berit, I (as Jimi)

Oh sweet Berit, I (as Jimi) would love to share something about Christmas...and thank you for your comments on the theme off this post, fear. Jimi will post this separately under the title: "Christmas".

Another thought on fear...that the embracement of fear is particularly effective when done consciously...from the heart...otherwise the mind is very deft at taking any subject and just making a somewhat hypnotic story about it. be present...genuinely to live the preciouus Presence that we truly are....Up to a few years ago, 99% of my life was spent "lost in thought"!!!

Loving all of us...Jimi.

Each new moment is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly.