Exquisite Miracles

God said:

Let Us talk today about miracles, these beautiful expressions of the power that lies within you. Surely, you are part of miracles. Everyone on Earth co-exists in the framework of miracle. There are miracles every instant. You think a thought about something, and then what you think of appears. Your thoughts are constructive. They are like a magic wand you wave. Let your thoughts be creative, and create that which you desire.

You know by now that you need to think light thoughts, that is, thoughts without attachment. You think the thought, and then you let it go. Even weighty thoughts, you let go of them. As soon as you say something has to happen, or has to happen in a certain way, odds are, it will not happen, for you have nailed it in place. Thoughts are electrical, and electrical current must flow in order to reach its destination.

To even talk on the phone, the line must be open.

All is fluid, beloveds. Your life, your thoughts, the world. Fluid means flow. Life is a stream that flows before your very eyes.

And so your thoughts flow. They are called thought-waves. Thought-waves amble in and out. A wave is not a wave when it is held onto. And so your thoughts are light-waves. From light-waves miracles come.

Heavy-duty thoughts weigh you down. Miracles come effortlessly.

I know you feel that miracles validate you, praise you, honor you. There is an aspect of that which is so. Yet there is not a day that passes that I do not honor you. You don’t need miracles for honor. Miracles are needed for the smooth-running of the world. Miracles are simply the gears of the universe running harmoniously.

There is not one thing in the universe that is not a miracle. That does not make them less special, beloveds. Miracles are a response. They are like trains running on time. They are like magic only in that they appear instantly and effortlessly. Miracles are spontaneous. They combust themselves.

You can create miracles, yet they can only be created innocently. Miracles are never clever. No miracle is well-thought-out in advance. Miracles appear as if on their own, yet they are God-made and man-made.

Miracles are loved because they are so spontaneous. That leaves on the trees change colors and fall from the tree is its own miracle. Your tearing off leaves from trees is not miraculous. Barren limbs that bud in spring and flowers that open – those are miracles. Silk flowers are not miracles, and yet, at the same time, it is miraculous that an artificial flower can appear so real. Miracles give delight. Let everything that occurs today give you delight. Is that not what you would prefer? Then be delighted.

What miracles are you going to see before you today? What miracles are you going to be part of?

Is not a smile and all it renders a miracle? Is not sight a miracle? Are not all the senses miracles? Aren’t light and dark miracles? Is the sun not a miracle? And all the stars and planets and Earth, are they not miracles? Is not every Human Being on Earth a miracle, a blessed miracle? Miracle upon miracle is heaped on you. You are the respondent of miracles. You are the contributor, and you are the receiver. That alone is a miracle. There is a preponderance of miracles. That you recognize miracles is its own miracle as well. Exquisite miracles are raining down upon you. They are for you. Enjoy them.

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This is so light hearted...I

This is so light hearted...I love it!