Every Other Beating Heart

God said:

All on Earth want to be the best they can be and do their best. Even those who may steal want to be good at stealing. Even so, taking is where the one who steals is. He sees it as necessary, or, he may even see it as his right. He is not where you are, so be glad you are where you are and know that the one who does less than what your righteous self allows is on his path, not yours.

Every person on Earth is doing as best he can. He has chosen as best he can. He has free will just as you do. No one on Earth can say how the thief serves or doesn’t serve and what he is worth. I am giving you a lesson on non-judgment. The one you judge may not judge you at all. In that way, he may well be ahead of you.

I am not suggesting that anyone steal from another. I am suggesting that you are better than you know, and you are better than to lock others into your judgment of them.

You know, it has been said that lions are the king of beasts. It is the world of men that gives titles like that. The king of, alas, beasts. Each dear animal on Earth is as he can only be. The lion is as he is. The fox is as he is. The kitten is as he is. Neither the lion nor the fox nor the kitten classify one another. One dog may be dominant over another, yet that is an ordering of nature and not judgment. Each unto his nature.

The beings on Earth with the highest potential of all are human beings. The irony. The highest of all alone judge, and judge others as wanting.

It will benefit you to be humble before all beings, animal and mineral. You are not superior, better and so forth. I did not make My beloved animals and stones for nothing. I made them for something. And what I have made is not for you to feel superior to. Where is the love in that?

I made you of love, so be it. Be love and not a judge.

Court judges are seated on a higher bench, but not you. You are not to. You are to sit on the same keel with every other beating heart.

When Christ said that he without error, let him cast the first stone, he well knew that there is no one qualified to throw it. You are not. Not even you. So let’s be honest, and let’s be fair.

It has even been said that when your soul steps out of your body that I admit certain chosen souls to Heaven and send other souls to another place. It is said that even in Heaven, there are hierarchies. Not quite so. Heaven is not a hierarchy. Some volunteer for one thing, and some for another. I am sometimes referred to as the God Head. Those who lead must be the most humble of all and have great respect for all those who serve, and all serve.

Serve the world by honoring all. Especially honor your children. Let them be. Look to yourself for improvement. It is not for you to improve another. It is for you to be humble before another, including the miracle of your children who are also Mine.

It is for you to serve from love, and to serve humbly from love, for love embraces. Never does love separate.

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thank you so much dear God

dear God heavenley father
i want to thank you so much in your messeges to day
i am waiting for long time of this messeges,
i am question my self, it has been said that when your soul
steps out of your body that i admit certain chosen soul to
heaven and send other souls to another place,,,

am very clear to undrstan what you main your messeges today
am thankfulness you give me this answer, thank you so much dear God,,

This is where my love flows

Humbly am I with your creation my God. Could I ever get more love, than from our children or from a loving animal? They love pure, immediately and innocent when I honore them, admire them, laugh with them, embrace them... Thank you my Lord, that you give me the possibility to experience this every single day.


Wow! yes! I like what you say here my dear GOD. No judgement. I am great friends with my dog. I still have to learn to love certain animals that are to me a pest.like toats. Possums that at our bananas.rodents and a few more.I have got used to snakes now and although I keep clear of them I admire their beauty. I have learned to love my fellow humens appart from certain pollies(australian slang for politicians ) So yes. I realise ,I have come a long way, I am still learning. Love to all .Jack