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Elements of LIfe

Within without
Above below
Other worlds
To you I'll show

See the beauty
In a flower
A cosmic day
Within an hour

Is all there is
Eternal now
By angels kissed

Never ending
Cycles turning
To experience Self
The Life Force yearning

Ebbing flowing
Cosmic ocean
Eternal sea
In constant motion

There is no death
Just change of being
Inner eyes
Knowing seeing

Held within
The Divine Hand
Fire air
Water land

Of Life Itself
In Spirit weave
Eternal wealth



Thank you for being the

Thank you for being the wonderful soul you are !!!


I am you And you are me We

I am you
And you are me
We are One eternally

Facets of
Pure Consciousness
In Love we swim in joyfulness

Love Mary


Great Stuff, Mary and

Great Stuff, Mary and Berit...such Great Love from/Are the "two" of You, Is the All of Us...michael:)

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Wow Maryjosephine! The words

Wow Maryjosephine!

The words and their arrangment,
powerful rhythm and flow,
once Divine feminine latent,
now awakened...through your words glow.

One Love

Muchos Gracias Senor! Mary

Muchos Gracias Senor!