Don't Walk into the Fire

God said:

Sometimes after a big disagreement, when the dust settles, you see that the issue wasn't important the way you thought it was. You may even look back and see that it wasn't important at all. It was really all about your ego fuming. You took whatever it was, a remark, an action, personally. You took it as inflammatory.

Think of what taking something personally means. It means you take words or actions as directed to you.

Other People Care Too

God said:

When you feel bombarded by others' wills, when you feel opposed or discounted, then this is a signal to sit back a little, at a little distance from the skirmish, and stay with Me. What else can you do?

When you fight in the world, you are fighting imaginary opponents. Because someone sees and thinks differently from you, you think they are opposed to you and that therefore there is something for you to oppose.

Two different ways of seeing and thinking do not have to be two trains ready to collide.

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