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Did not receive Heavenletter yesterday or today

No problem, I can get it from the website, but I like to save them into their own folder and this doesn't work unless they come the usual way. I wonder what can have happened.

So sorry some of your

So sorry some of your Heavenletters didn't reach you. We want you to always receive your Heavenletters on time. And we always want you to tell us about this right away.

Mojah Media will find out what happened, dear Carol. Meanwhile, post the specific numbers and title you are missing, and I will send you the emailed version so you have them for your folder. And, if by any chance, you receive today's Heavenletter, post that here, too, okay?

Blessings and love,


Dear Carol, Can you update

Dear Carol,

Can you update us on this? I updated your account today from "temporarily bounced" to "subscribed and active". More info below.

I noticed that your email account was set as bounced on Heaven's mailing list software. This means that your email account bounced back (did not accept) emails from 5 times. The software records each bounce and stops sending to that account when the bounces reach 5.

This is to prevent being listed as a sender of unsolicited emails (spam). Spammers usually keep sending emails to an account regardless if it bounces the email back. Mail server administrators (The people who administer the machines and software that processes your emails) may block emails from a domain that continually sends email to an email account that does not exist or that bounces the email back to the sender.

One Love

I am getting my

I am getting my Heavenletters again just fine. I don't know why they started bouncing after receiving them daily for so long -- but I'm getting them again and that's all that counts! Thank you!

Love & Blessings,
Carol Maurer