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Dawn's inspiration
The day's upcoming elation
Will rise and shine
Perfectly on your lives
As from inward warmth, you evenly adore
As do I
In illumination's Light
This means not you need help or please everyone
Or that you will always see eye to eye
Merely take time to try to know My Daughters and Sons
In a "new" light
As The Suns
Of Love
That they Are
Which, of course, equally includes you Too
For if there were to be a recipe in how to live
What could be more awe inspiring, utterly inviting and delectably delicious than this?

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008

Lovely as always Mike! I

Lovely as always Mike!

I love this bit...
"As The Suns
Of Love"



thanks Mary and a happy

thanks Mary and a happy v-day to all :) may we all feel the love within, may each day be a holy-day <---- got that play on words from Tom, Judith's & Jeshua's website each day be the Holy-day that we feel free and in peace and give what we wish to receive...:)'s michael:)

Sweetest Mike, this is

Sweetest Mike,

this is indeed DELICIOUS !!!!! THANKS for sharing your delicious and sweet heart with all of us in this most wonderful way !

Much love and a big big hug