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De-light-fully, Fully Of Light

As the morn, in greatness, awakes
From the slumber and travel of it's nightly dreams
All God's creations
From fasting have their break

And the songbirds sing
Of Love
De-light-fully, fully of light
Joy do they bring

To our hearts
And minds
They remind
Now is the time

That fear
No matter how much it seems to matter
And have it's hold
At all, need not endear

For we are the ones that hold
And as such, undue hesitation caused by remembrance or anticipation
Need not be and indeed is naught
More the momentary wonderment before spreading and flapping the wings

Of our heart
Before flying as flight
Unto a never, ever end in sight
For Spiritual Be-ings we are

Oh what a day
Doth the ray's of light
The illuminator of night
Bring that we may further our way

Not ahead, to "spread"
Manmade, would be, "freedom" as it were
But first from within
Whence came the power of all actions put forth and words possibly said

'Tis the time for children at play
For adventure
To peak around and pop out it's head
Then spring forth in gusto that truest desire has its say

Oh what a morn, blessing us all
Perhaps before taking our first steps into action
Let's tarry a while and let meditative reflection be our first made transaction
Listening attentively yet gently, as the songbirds sweetly remind of our playful purpose and call

:)'s mike

Hey Mike, Thank you for your

Hey Mike,

Thank you for your comments. I read very little poetry because I’m too analytical and struggle to decipher them. However, I did read some of yours. In terms of common denominators, I like the way you express “time” in some of the others. The other day I was going to watch a heron in a pond, but it flew away. As I concluded that it was gone, I corrected myself and thought “No! It’s right here, right now, in consciousness. Without time the universe is simultaneous.” And then I saw “time” as Love’s provision to spread Her creation out so that we can play with it.

L. A. Wittenberg

Yes, indeed, my friend

Yes, indeed, my friend Lawrence...thanks for sharing that...for me, as i'm sure it's probably in differing ways or degrees for all, time is grand or small according to my perspective and can seem either all consuming or constricting as it pertains to the finite moment...or similarly, that moment can allow us to be disciplined and in tune with the subtleties that so often go unnoticed and then it's the opportunity to let go as each breath comes and goes...then, big picture Time, contains all moments and transcends moments unto the feeling of divine essence which is measureless and undefined...anyway, though i'd love...mike

i also, in my own way, do not read alot of poetry...though i've read every or almost entry posted in creative writing here to share of the familial fellowship that presides...otherwise, alot of poetry to me is often too abstract (which is strange 'cause i'm so esoteric) and i love that which is simple and to the point (again, strange, 'cause i can often go off on a tangent)...such is the paradox of me and life i s'pose....:)