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Whether it's...

C onscious
H ealth
R eared
I n
S upportive
T ruth


C ompletion
H ealing
R evealing
I sness
S own
T ogether


C arefree
H oliness
R esting
I nnovatively
S o
T oday


C enterdness
H is/H er
R ight-minded
I nner
S pacial
T hought

Or whatever other combinations could be brought
It's still the Still
Of the All in All
Of All
In Love
None below, none above
To be reminded of
Practically applied
As we live the fullness
Of Perfect Truth
Instead of the separateness
Of conditionality's lie

(c) mike

Most beloved Angel of God -

Most beloved Angel of God - THANK YOU ! :wub:

God bless you

Berit, you're my Angel on

Berit, you're my Angel on Earth...TY for your love...for demonstrating unto us all by living the Peace...mike