Cast in God's Light

God said:

Hello, My beloveds. Pull up a chair next to Me, and listen to My counsel. I have something to tell you that I would like you to hear. Yes, come a little closer. Lean into My words.

You are My child, and I like you close. I like to know your thoughts and to hear what you have to say. So, before I speak, why don't you rattle off some of your thoughts? Tell Me what's going on in that head of yours and that heart of Ours. Spill the beans. Tell Me everything.

And when We finish talking here this morning, will you continue sharing your life with Me today? Tell Me your ongoing thoughts? Talk to Me silently, just keeping Me close to you, a silent Partner, one Who reads your mind and hears the beat of your heart. Nod to Me that you hear.

The difference in your keeping Me in mind is that you keep Me in mind. I am always privy to your innermost thoughts and feelings anyway. I always share in them. You are of My making, and I keep you close to My heart. That means, therefore, that I am close to yours.

When I am in your thoughts, when your thoughts are aware of My closeness to you, you come from greater strength. This knowing your Oneness with Me, as well as Mine with you, strengthens your recognition of the greatness that is yours. Greatness is not outside of you.

Do not think that by consciously staying close to Me that you hide behind My robes. Not at all. No, not hiding. Revealing. Standing in My light, you are revealed. And so you are revealed to yourself.

In My light, you are lighted up. Close to Me, does not mean you are in My shadow. I have no shadow. You are in My light. And how spectacular are you in the broad daylight of My light.

Take off those sunglasses. You have no need of a shield between Us. You have no need of a shield at all. Would you shield yourself from Me? Would you shield yourself from a reflection of Me in another?

All that you need, you are.

So now, pour your heart out to Mine. It does not fall on deaf ears. There is no attention in the world like Mine. I have no distraction. I look nowhere else. I gaze into your eyes, and I know your whole story beforehand, and I listen with grave attention. I know how important everything in the world is to you. So tell Me your story, and I will make it better. I will help you write it.

Confide in Me. It will seem to you that I erase your little errors, but what I really do is put stars next to your greatness. The light of the stars will be so bright and omnipresent that error is far from your mind and your sight. You will become, not blinded by My light, but sighted by My light. You will see. You will begin to see. And what wonders you will see.

My light will be cast upon you from all directions. You will be uplighted, and this will tend to make you gaze upwards so that you may see where all the light I give you beams to. But the source of My light is the same as where it goes. It goes to you, and you will find that you are now radiating My light.

What a day you will have in My light now!

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Another best HL

So. so sweet! Read this one carefully, if you will...and then tell me what you think....

It's interesting that you

It's interesting that you posted this Heavenletter. You posted the Heavenletter that I needed to send to someone. It appeared, and it was the one.

We are indeed connected.

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