By Divine Right

God said:

Sometimes you may feel that you want to abandon the world, but it is really your ego you wish to get away from. You would take it to a cliff and drop it off if you knew how. You suspect the pain ego causes you, but you don't always discern what is ego and what is not, what is for ego or what is for survival, what is pleasure in work well done or what is ego-aggrandizement.

Ego is anything about you that is not true. That is ego. Anything that doesn't matter (is only concerned with matter), that is ego. Anything you must accumulate indicates ego. Your up's and down's signal ego. Your attachments have an ego flavor. The past is ego-ridden because you think the past has to do with your identity. When your heart is panged, that which pangs it most often is ego. Ego is not your sustenance. It is your detractor. And distracter for it takes you away from the truth of you. The unassailable truth of you has naught to do with ego.

You have experienced times when you had important and necessary-seeming concerns only to find out, when something else occurred in life you begin to see that the other matters were really a little thing all the while. Ego is concerned with little things. Most of your successes and failures point to ego-involvement, or you would not call so many occurrences success or failure. You would call them egocentric.

Many affairs of the heart veer towards ego more than love. You love the other person's attention and how this makes you feel about yourself. When the other's attention wanders, you feel left high and dry. That is the ego telling you that you are bereft of their attention and sanctions you now to get upset because someone who once heightened your sense of self, and probably their own, has turned their attention elsewhere. You feel dropped, but it is really your ego sinking. Let it go. When you have to build up your self-esteem, you are listening to ego. Ego has had its day, and now it whimpers.

When what others do or don't do makes you feel better or worse, have you not been regaling ego? Has not ego found a welcoming host in you? It is one thing to feel satisfaction in a job well-done and another to feel you have won a victory of some kind. When plaudits lift you up, or lack of plaudits puts you down, be wary of ego exalting itself.

There is no need for you to have ego in the first place. Whatever exaltation ego gives you, it is small next to the truth of you. The truth of you is magnificent. When you are a king who wears a crown, what need have you to seek other crowns? What more laurels do you need? What can be added to you? Is your kingship dependent upon the applause of the crowd, or are you king by divine right?

I will tell you that you are. You who already stand tall do not need to be raised. I knighted you long ago. You who stand tall, I assign you to help others rise to their natural height. There is no place nor need for ego in creation. No longer build monuments to ego. Build love in hearts. Build love in your own heart so you may behold your true stature. You are on high. You come from a high place, and you stand with Me. Remember.