Beautiful Soul

God said:

Aging is to remind you that you are not your body. Whatever the state of the physical, you are a beautiful soul within. What happens to the body is something like the winding down of a poem. The poem seems to finish, but the theme and meaning of the poem linger. A poem on a piece of paper may get coffee-stained and tired and worn, but the poem itself – what can affect it? A poem is beyond its words, and so are you beyond your body. You never were in it, do you understand?

We can say your body is wrapped around you, yet you have never stayed within its bounds. Where have your heart and mind not traveled? And where are they not yet to travel? What undiscovered land waits for you to appear?

Your mighty soul is the mightiest thing on Earth. It has never been owned by Earth, so in that sense We can say it doesn’t belong there. It visits there for a while and gets caught up in all the border and bureaucratic rules where this passport and that are required, and so you have stood in line and waited, as if between two worlds.

Your soul can never leave. It fills up the whole universe. I hold it in My hand. I hang it in the air in Heaven. Your soul is secure here. It will never fall. Whatever you do on Earth, your soul is safe with Me.

A body is a detail, nevertheless one that is important and very important to you. It’s like a car, beloveds. It takes you places, it tours you around. You polish it, and it rides smoothly. You hit a few bumps, and there is a dent or two. But the car is only a conveyance. You like this car sometimes, and sometimes you fault it, but it is, after all, only a car. You don’t have to have it. You think you do, but you are far more than any car designed by man and body designed by God.

Nothing can happen to the rose in your cheek, beloveds. Your body may fade, but your aura, never. The aura that surrounds you lifts you up, and the imagined accumulated dross falls off, and you are once again pure soul established in Heaven.

What is all this fuss about bodies about? Why, it is as if it were the mainstay of your life when all the while it is only a temporary means of transportation. Why would you bemoan a loss of a car when you can fly high without traffic control? Where your soul rises, there are no traffic jams.

On Earth, you have rented a body. It never was meant to stay. The term of your body is a little blip on the screen of life. It is not meant to be an attachment, as if you couldn’t get along without it. Your body has been incidental all along. It has been a convenience and inconvenience at the same time. Truly, it is wonderful while it lasts.

Do not mind the passing of your body. It is you who passes by it. You simply leave it. You fly up out of it, and you explore where you always have been and yet forgotten. Now you are reminded, and now you wake up. Think no longer that you are leaving Earth. You are entering Heaven, and what a greeting awaits you. You will greet yourself with open arms, and so will all of Heaven.

While you are on Earth, no need to take it so seriously. Just enjoy it. That’s what it’s for.