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To be is not to know to be?

Dear Gloria,

I see my own image is unlike image and likeness of God.
God speaks to me, to us, and I stop on human step!
The words of God how can delete my experience of separation?
I know (only like concept) that my heart beats, but I don't know - like experience - to be my heart. I am but I don't know to be. I am in God: this is my opinion but I don't know that.
Until God speaks to me, I still see separate from Him. We can exist in two: He and I? Obviously yes because we are One, but it is He who calls and assures me to know that there is no separation. If I imagine, I think, I feel that I am not separate to God, it is precisely because I know (I imagine, think and feel) to be separate.
God did not need to understand to be God, and I cannot understand it!
I suffer from mistaken imagination, not God!

With human love.

Danilo (from Italy and God too)

Beloved Danilo, The title

Beloved Danilo,

The title that you chose alone is profound.

For most of us, it is: to be is not to know to be.

God says it all the time. We don't know who we are. We don't see it, and we don't believe it.
But we are only enchanted. When we release ourselves from the spell, instead of enchanted, we will be enlightened. Meanwhile, God sees us clearly.

How deep it is when you say God did not need to understand to be God.
My understanding is that we don't need to understand either, but to accept.

The God we love is also within us, beautiful heart.

Danilo, there is going to be

Danilo, there is going to be a blog entry tomorrow (Thursday) that may relate to this incredible combination of Divine and Human that we are. You would find it here:

It is called My Daughter's Near-Death Experience.

There is more than meets the eye.

Please post more, dear Danilo.

Dear Gloria, I am here and

Dear Gloria,

I am here and God know me like I am, not as I think me.
Only time and space in my mind separate Him from me?
When you said: "When we release...", "when" is time, like space from One and "two" (me).
My mind is the "two" because I am ever "me and...". I start from me and I finish to "me and..."
"Me and..." is mind. I am alive and I move as a thought in my mind, as anything else. I have not a mind: it's the mind that has me and...! :-)

I think, believing and accepting, that God and I are One, but as long as I need to think, thought separates me from anything and everything I thought. I can feel in my heart, but only with thoughts I can give a name to what I feel, and believe as to know what I feel.

I would wake up from the dream of separation, and even if I accept and believe to be loved by God and that He is one with me, this keeps separate me from Him, which otherwise would need to believe, wished, think, say?!

It can be thought of God, come to embrace the Whole to recognize and embrace God, not as thought, as ideal sense, but as reality, as being, as living truth?

At the end, I don't know anything and not feel anything, although I hear to hear and I think to think! :-)

Love is a state of being, is not "I think to love". Being is not intended to be able to know? God could know to be God without "us" as an apparent "other Himself" which turns Him?

I need an answer to God without words... or an handful on head! :-)
I have to necessarily wait for the death of the body to find out directly and not indirectly through the thought?!



You are brilliant! Amazing

You are brilliant! Amazing intellect, Danilo.

Yes, it's good to stop thinking, but how do we do it!

Meanwhile, my dear friend, just enjoy! Joy will make your Oneness with God very accessible to you.

I could use some help here! I think of a dozen of you right off the bat! Where are you? Get over here!

Eh! Beloved Gloria. To me,

:) Eh! Beloved Gloria. To me, it has meaning and value only the truth, not a description of the truth, not enjoying from words describing truth, because 'description' never can be 'the described': word is not thing. If I created - I do not know how and why - my illusory reality, I cannot create another reality or truth different and more than me, and therefore equally illusory. :)

Beloved, it doesn't matter!

Beloved, it doesn't matter! Just enjoy, dear one.

Yes, I know: the way to find

Yes, I know: the way to find unity, is to be united, and the way to be united, is not ask questions and just enjoy. :-)
Thank you.