August 2, 2011 New Heaven News - Evolving Fast

Opening God Quote:

“I am looking for hearts. Are there any hearts here? May I see a count of hearts?”

Heavenletter #3895 A Knowing Heart

23 Countries new subscribers came from since last Heaven News

Argentina Australia Brazil Burkina Faso Canada France Germany India Ireland Italy MexicoNetherlands New Caledonia Nigeria NorwayRomania Singapore South Africa Spain Sweden Uganda United Kingdom Wales

28 United States new subscribers came from since last Heaven News

Alabama Arizona California Connecticut Florida Georgia Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Michigan Minnesota Missouri Nevada New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania South Carolina Texas Utah Washington Washington, D.C.

Welcome Louis Charles Hien, 1st Subscriber from Burkina Faso

Motto: Unity, Progress, Justice

Such traditional homes in Burkina Fas resemble Earthtube homes.

United Nations Square in Ouaqadouqou, Burkina Faso

Children of the 1983–1987 revolution God bless the children.

More Good News from South Africa and Wales

New Translator/Promoter of Heavenletters into Afrikaans

Hi, Brothers and Sisters,

I am new to the forum, but not so new to HeavenLetters.

I have been on a path full of experiences that was not of the light, but recently, I got these nudgings to return to the path of the light, and, boy, am I glad I responded to those nudgings, else I would have missed out on the future that lies ahead of us. I have been informed that I am a Cherubim Angel in this incarnation, but I have amnesia. I desire to awaken soon and regain my memories and abilities.
I got this calling/nudging/thought in my mind to translate HeavenLetters into Afrikaans for South Africa. I will do this as often as possible.

I will be hosting the translations on my blog:
and an RSS feed will interface with Facebook:
I will post to the forum as well, and to the subscription department for other users that prefer to subscribe via
In Love and Light

See the incredibly beautiful responses Shane received from other translators. The responses make me proud to be a human being.

Note to Heaven Admin: Can we easily send a letter to all the subscribers from South Africa to ask them if they would like to receive Heavenletters in Afrikaans as well as English?

Trailblazer from Wales
Anna Weir
Introducing Anna Weir from Wales. Not only has Anna found Heavenletters, she has found Heaven Admin’s CommuniTree Spiritual Sustainable Building project in Argentina. Anna is a doer. She will fly from Wales to Argentina this Wednesday, August 3! Welcome, Anna!
Anna wrote:

I am going to serve and help the new community that will be built. I am leaving everything that I know in the UK to help make this dream of the eco spiritual community a reality. Heaven on Earth does exist. We just have to put some hard work and love into it:)

God bless you, Anna! See you soon! And here are glimpses of the prospective land – doesn’t it look magical!

Sightings of Heavenletters™ throughout the Universe

Lady Isis not only publishes a Heavenletter every day, she has also been posting the work of Godwriters who have been coming to the Let’s Godwrite Together workshops. Lady Isis has two newsletters, and adds comments like this:

From "God Writing" classes taught by Gloria Wendroff, Godwriter * Heavenletters™ -- Helping Human Beings Come Closer to God and Their Own Hearts * The Godwriting™ International Society of Heaven * P.O Box 2064, Fairfield, IA 52556 * Contact:  * 

Lady Isis

AND Lady Isis also took Heavenletter quotations from the last Heaven News and cited:
* God Quote: from The New Heaven News June 26 *   *  *

Interrupting the order of things with two announcements

Beloved Heavenreaders, I clicked on Lady Isis’ link to Heavenletter Twitter, and I was simply amazed at how wonderful the quotations were one after another. Although I select the Twitter quotes that appear on Twitter (with the help of Berit from Italy) but I haven’t looked at them from a reader’s point of view until now. Wow, this is a special treat. Press that link above, read some of these quotes, and sign up for Twitter!

Coming Soon

Beloved Heavenreaders, coming very soon, recorded daily Heavenletters that I will read aloud. Oh, how I love to read Heavenletters out loud. Reading God’s words out loud brings peace to my heart. With great thanks to Heaven Admin for the idea and for making it happen.

Heavenreaders, if there were no you, what would Heavenletters be?

With love and blessings, Gloria

Now back to Sightings of Heavenletters™ throughout the Universe

Pam Fuller
Pam Fuller
And here’s a Kirilian photo of Pam!
Pam Fuller

Pam wrote:

I would like to have your permission to add the Heavenletter™ link on to my web site as a site I recommemnd. Heavenletters are a godsend to me -- no pun intended.  I love reading and applying Heavenletters to my life.

If you haven’t already, have you thought about putting your letters together as a book? I would be one of your first sales! Thanks for your service. Thank you.

Beloved Pam, absolutely, you have our okay to link to Heavenletters. You have our gratitude, Pam.

I went to and loved the life lessons from your dear horse – magnificent, profound, real, beautiful, nice – I wish I had written it! Keep on. You are a great spiritual writer. Your writing has touched me very much.

Yes, by the way, we already have a Heaven book published! Order through Amazon because I have only two or three copies left.

Please note: Everyone is welcome to post Heavenletters, link to them etc. We ask that you let us know and to be sure to have a working link to

There are many other sources who publish Heavenletters. To mention just three:

Russ Michael’s Worldwide Newsletter
Jo Petzer’s Transcendence
Allan Silberhartz’ Bridging Heaven and Earth

Thank you, beloved Ginger Nelson, for letting us know about this post from Tony:

What I love about Fairfield -- Multi-Social Blogging Community

Tony posted July 12, 2011:

I wanted to share this today as one of the first external resources I'll be sharing from one of our beloved treasures, Gloria Wendroff. Read it... know it.



You Have a Greater Purpose
How can you get caught in disappointment when you have a high purpose in life? When you are devoting yourself to Me, how can you get your foot caught in little traps of the world? So, you expected more from friends, and they didn’t give it to you. What better time t...

From an unknown Michael in response to the last Heaven News

What a lovely Heaven News we have here. Rather than a newsletter, I see it more as a circular that helps us Heavenletterreaders (and writers) to connect and fine-tune in on a certain frequency that is the light before us that we want to follow. Heavenletters makes it easy for us to free up our attention towards giving and sharing love.

It is such a blessing, and we, the readers and do-ers, we keep on generating love, freeing up the attention towards love, which is becoming an oil spill (by lack of a better word) that becomes bigger and bigger.
Hooray for Heavenletters and everyone who's involved!

Love, Michael

Dear Michael, what you have said so well is exactly the purpose of Heaven News. I never knew how to say what it is meant to be, but you do, and you express it so well. Please let us know how to reach you! And post often!

Ending Quote:    

"Inspire, or bite your tongue."
Heavenletter #3899 How Do You Make Your Garden Grow?

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