ask God for help

Let People Learn Their Own Lessons

God said:

Do not spend your life trying to improve other individuals in their personal lives. Do not know better than another what they should do and how they should do it. A need to improve others is your need, not theirs. Do not need to improve others, for it is always for your sake, not theirs. Furthermore, you only try to improve others because you have made judgments. You found the others lacking. You found yourself superior. You found your judgment and exalted it.

Do not always know better than someone else.

When you try to improve another, you invade their territory.

Ask God

God said:

Forgiving is the same as letting go.

Unforgiving is the same as holding on.

When you hold on, you stagnate your energy. You create short-circuits within yourself. You punish yourself and call it virtue.

Do not keep ideas from the bitter past. Do not retain bitterness nor self-righteousness.

It is not up to you to forgive someone else. They do not need your dispensation. It is up to you to not harbor their mischief in the first place. When you judge, you sentence yourself.

Open Up the Heavens

God said:

The world is not dark.

The world is light.

When you experience darkness, look higher.

You are not looking for a remedy. You are looking for Me.

Enlist My aid.

Ask Me to help you see the Light far above the world's light that seems to dim. It has not in truth dimmed. It has been eclipsed. And you have believed in an eclipse as truth, when it is only a temporary cover-up.

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