An Open Invitation

God said:

The offering you give to Me is yourself. What else matters to Me but you? And what do you think you have to give Me that is of any account but yourself? Do you think I ask for your promises or penance or any object or tribute you think of to make to Me? You are what I ask for. It is you that matters to Me.

When I was reputed to ask for Abraham's son, I was asking for Abraham to lay himself down at the altar before Me. I was asking him to give Me his thoughts, the fruit of his thoughts, his beloved thoughts. I was asking him to give Me himself so that he would know his receipt of My blessing.

Only man thinks that anything He gives to Me is a sacrifice. What you offer Me is My gift to you. What you offer to Me, you do not give up. You add to it. You memorialize it. You make it holy.

You have nothing to sacrifice to Me, and I ask nothing of you but that you know the truth of Our Oneness.

In the tale of Abraham and Isaac, Abraham realizes that I was asking him to accept a blessing, not to make a sacrifice. It was his realization that saved Isaac.

When all is said and done, all of you turn all of your children over to Me. They already are Mine. You recognize and acknowledge the truth of this. As you are Mine, so are your children.

What can you offer Me that I do not already have?

I allow you the choice of tokenly delivering yourself to Me. That token is important for you. It is your starting place. It is from awareness that you begin. You begin where you left off.

We are a continuation, of course. We have traveled many miles together.

Your return to Me is only in awareness.

I am ever present. I am omnipresent and all that. And so are you, only your eyes look off somewhere. For a while, you did not focus. Now you return your eyes to Me. You put your arm in Mine now. Now you accompany Me.

This is a little change in the direction of your thoughts, for haven't you have been waiting for Me? Haven't you been wanting something from Me before you would go along with Me? Perhaps you have been waiting for a signal from Me, perhaps a gold-edged invitation. All the time I have been waiting for you. I have never let you out of My sight. But I have been out of yours.

Let's reconcile Ourselves to the truth of Our Oneness. We are hand in hand. The tribute you give to Me is only a nod of what already is.

Make then your life a tribute to Me. Make your life an offering. Put your life on an altar before Me. That is what it is to kneel before Me.

When you give yourself to Me, you enrich yourself. You re-ignite Our connection. You acknowledge your closeness to the Source of All. That is your tribute to Me. You say, "God, I am here. Here I am." That is what I have been waiting for, your blessed presence before Me. I have been saying to you, "I am here." Now you say it back.

What a little thing this is to present yourself before Me! That is stepping up to where you already are. It is accompanying yourself. All you have to do is put yourself before Me, and then you know I am yours, and you will come to know that I never was anything else but yours.

I am the gift I gave you. Now open it.