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A Prayer for ETs...

In my last post for the country prayers I did, I promised I would do so more prayers: for ETs, for other dimensions, for Gaia...our blessed mother earth, and for other stars and galaxies, etc.

So...this is for ETs...for beings living elsewhere who may or may not look like us...who may or may not be a lot smarter than us...who may or may not use their equivalent loving hearts as we do. I thiink it is part of our human nature to like beings that are similar to us and possibly fear beings that are different than us. (More humans are fonder of dogs than spiders). And some of you may appear quite different in form to us...and could appear even quite shocking to us.

I remember when I worked in nursing as an LVN and did work with disabled children in their homes in San Francisco. When I was first introduced to these children, I found them strange and different from me...but after a few days, after I became friends with them, I learned quickly to like and then love them.

And remember the book and play and movie, "the elephant man". Who could not love him...for what a dear heart he sweet.

And then I once saw a show on tv about conjoined twins...girls about 12 years old at the time...and they had one body in common up to the neck and then they had two heads. They also had two distinct personalities and identities...but existed in one shared body...except for having two heads. Very perculiar at first...but then after watching them go about their day, you could not help but fall in love with them!

So...if I met an ET, I might be scared or even repulsed....but please don't take this personally. For you even might be repulsed by me! You're probably thinking, human mean those creatures with only one head...and oh yes, those beings that have sex organs...yuck! I know...but you will get used to us...and me to you!

So to all of the ETS...this is my prayer for you:

That you live an existence of peace and happiness and much love. And I understand that these states of being may be different for you than for me. Maybe to say: "I grok you!" (reference to "Stranger in a Strange Land" by Robert Heinlen. And that you begin to become curious about your curious, that the barriers that appear to distance you...begin to dissolve. And my final words to you: I hold you in my loving heart (the heart of my creator) forever. Jimi.

Sweetest Jimi, I knew it

Sweetest Jimi,

I knew it was you dear, (little Berit knew it, hopping up and down joyfully!). Oh Jimi, you MADE ME LAUGH: "..and oh yes, those beings that have sex organs...yuck!"
but you are right, we must seem strange to other Beings. This is a most beautiful posting and after the country prayers I was thinking of what next, and well, this here is so beautiful.

I too, sometimes look around, as girl I did it often, wondering about how we live and so, thinking: "Ah, let's have a look at these humans and see how they live." well.... we really must seem very strange !
I'm glad that love melts aways all barriers and that we are all ONE, it's really a wonderful Creation !
So, dearest Jimi, I join you in sending sweetest and softest and most tender love and light and joy to all ET's in all worlds and dimensions. May God's Love, Light and Joy be with all of US in each moment.

Much love