A Handful of Choices

God said:

When you know that everything that presents itself to you is an opportunity for love, your whole view of life changes. With your new view, your life changes, for life follows your view.

If you see life as drama, you will have drama.

If you see yourself as helpless, you will be helpless.

If you see yourself as put upon, you will be put upon, for life will try to match up to your picture of it.

Now this does not mean that you assume a role. This is not a show you put on. This is not something that you convince yourself of. This is not putting on blinders. This is not saying that life is a terrific exercise when you do not feel that way. It is not gritting your teeth and saying you are a great and loving person.

It is leaning in the direction that you want. It is giving up announcing that life is toil and trouble. Whatever woe you feel and believe, you can stop reiterating it.

Opportunity for love does not mean passive. It does not mean agreeable. It does not mean flattering. It does not mean kowtowing. It does not mean giving everyone else their way over yours. It does not mean wasting their time and yours. It does not mean unwise. It means truthful.

It means looking at a situation with a greater vision. It means seeing through the trappings.

It is recognizing that you don't have to be right. It is recognizing that it is not a question of right. It is a question of What now? It is seeing the now as if it had never been before. That is in contrast to the view that it has always been so and will never change.

When you see with new eyes, the whole configuration changes.

Having the idea in your mind that you attract goodness to you makes it easier for goodness to come. Then, it is up to you, whatever comes, to find the goodness. If what comes today is not what you want, then know it is a stepping-off place for what you do want. And then step off.

You can let go of all your packaged thoughts of how life should be. Life is what is right now, and what do you do with it? Not so much what do you do with it as in finding solutions, but, rather, what do you do with you in it? How can you be new? How can you rise above the situation? How can you, in whatever circumstances, be what you want to be — honestly be the truth of who you are? How can you solve yourself in this situation?

Nor does this mean to ignore where other people are. This is not to discount them. You can see their point of view, and still you do not have to be where they are. They can be where they choose, and so can you.

Today you are faced with choices.

Sometimes it seems that none of the choices that present themselves are what you want. And that may be so.

At the same time you can find the nugget of gold there. Probably it was lying there all the time, and you just didn't see it.

Consider your choices, even those you don't want, as leaves you turn over. Beforehand, you cannot know what lies beneath them.

Choices lead to choices. And that is how choices are opportunities. You do not know to what each choice leads, but you can know you are the one who makes them.